We did research about not only business books that are recommended by other bossbabes but also work/life balance books and inspirational reads that have been acclaimed to be life changing:



  • #GIRLBOSS: An inspirational and entertaining story of Sophie Amoruso focusing on trusting your instincts and following your gut; when to button up and when to fly your freak flag, and which rules to follow and which of them to break.
  • The Desire Map: “Danielle LaPorte brings you a holistic life-planning tool that will revolutionize the way you go after what you want in life. Unapologetically passionate and with plenty of warm wit, LaPorte turns the concept of ambition inside out and offers an inspired, refreshingly practical workbook for using the Desire Map process”.
  • Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams: Cutting through the BS, providing you insight and tips on how to pick yourself up and brush yourself off to keep the good fight going!


Do you have a book you found resourceful? We want to hear about it!


A sneaky (and late) YEGBOSSBABE Mad Love Monday Feature coming at you from Kayla Kaliszuk! I wanted to re-introduce you to a local boss babe in the Edmonton area. Some of you may already know her as she is the founder of YEGBOSSBABES but if you didn’t know she also successfully runs her own business Kirsten Kyle Photography!


I wanted to show some love and talk a little bit about Kirsten & her Photography business, specifically her Boudoir sessions. 

Not only is Kirsten running all aspects of YEGBOSSBABES but she is also planning a wedding, working full time and still managing to create beautiful memories for people through the magic of her camera!


If you’ve ever wanted to do a boudoir shoot, whether for a significant other or for yourself, but maybe you have been worried about feeling uncomfortable, or not confident enough just know that Kirsten takes pride in making everyone feel beautiful & comfortable. Below I have provided a few testimonials from her past clients!

image3 (1)image2 (3)

From beginning to end Kirsten ensures that you have a positive experience. She provides inspiration outfits on her Pinterest Page, professional hair & make up as well as professional quality photos & custom albums for the finished product.

Thank you Kirsten for being an inspiration to us all! xo

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MAI MAKEUP answers all of our questions and more when it comes to taking care of your skin in the Winter time. I don’t know about you, but I am really starting to feel the Winter dryness setting in to my skin (especially on my face) and can get so confused with all of the products that are out there. Like – what to use, when to use, when not to use, etc. We learned so much from TC and we wanted to share with you all of her wisdom for us YEGBOSSBABES:

1. What is your go to facial moisturizer?


Face moisturizers are a must year round whether you have dry, oily or combination skin. Since its winter and dry skin is common it doesn’t mean you need a oil based moisturizer. Oil based can sometimes break you out, and change your makeup routine.

Our FAVOURITE face moisturizer is the Kate Somerville oil free moisturizer. Great for troubled skin but at the same time hydrating throughout the day (perfect before makeup applications too).


2. We are busy women who need a quick and effective face routine with products that really do the trick. What can you recommend for us YEGBOSSABES?


Busy Boss Babes out there don’t worry about a 10 step skincare routine for perfect skin that social media always shows us. You shouldn’t be doing that much to your poor skin anyway! In the morning, you should gently wash and tone your face to reset your PH in your skin. Make sure to moisturize, and if you wear heavy makeup everyday try giving your skin a day or two to breathe. We are in love with all the Khiel’s toners! Check them out in store to find your personalized toner that works for you!


3. Do you recommend face masks? How many times per week should we be using a face mask?

FACE MASKS! They pack your skin with nutrients it needs and changes your complexion. You don’t need to do more than one a week, and if you’re busy even once every two weeks work. Using face masks too often doesn’t actually help you more. Remember less is more sometimes Try different routines for masks. If you’re finding your skin breaking out do a clay based mask so it sucks all the toxins out. Then the following mask should be a gel based mask to put nutrients back in! If your skin is fine then gel (Normal Face mask you get in packages), or paste (ex. Essentials by Nature a local company) face masks work perfectly.


4. What’s your thoughts on night creams/masks? Do you have a favourite?


Where do I start?? Night masks are a must and holy grail.  If you haven’t started, please do because this won’t only change your complexion, it will change how soft your skin is, and ensure your skin is already hydrated for 24hr. With night masks, they are quite heavy so they cannot be worn all night along with a daytime moisturizer. This can cause break outs and irritated skin. Night masks replenishes the skin with moisture which means it’s also anti-aging because it fights wrinkles! Our MAI Makeup favorite is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask from Sephora. It’s not pure oil and as heavy as most, but it is just as effective. It leaves you feeling fresh when you sleep and when you wake up.


5. Any last tips for you to leave us with for better skin in the Winter?


Exfoliating is key for skin to reset and have a clean slate to work with. We recommend a light gel exfoliator (from The Face Shop). Its gentle yet affective. When your skin has too many layers of dead skin it can’t breathe or try to stop breakouts.

Last but not least ladies don’t just hydrate your skin, hydrate your body. Break outs, complexion, and healthy skin can be helped with drinking water. Its cold out and how can we say no to a good cup of coffee. That actually makes you dehydrated. So balance it out with water!

Have any questions you want answered by TC at Mai Makeup? Please comment below!

Written by: TC, MAI MAKEUP

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Date Night

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Tipsy Tuesday can mean one of two things for us boss babes: Receive a tip every Tuesday from #YEGBOSSBABES or go ahead and crack that bottle. Personally, we rally around both ideas.

This is a tip about planning DATE NIGHTS in YEG. We found an awesome one stop shop for all your future date nights! @YEG.DATE has some amazing events listed on their eventbrite page, a calendar of upcoming events, cheap eats & much more!

Us busy BOSS BABES can totally benefit from a simple date night out. Whether you are planning a night our with your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, son etc. you will be sure to find something fun in YEG!

I will personally be keeping an eye out for another BEATS & EATS Brunch style event for the hubby and I! What are you into?

We hope you enjoyed our TIPSY TUESDAY! See you next Tuesday for another tip from a fellow #yegbossbabe. XO


Our first ever YEGBOSSBABE Feature! We want to introduce you to local boss babes in the Edmonton area. As you may already know, in the New Year we are co-hosting an Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness class. Our partner for this event is Adelle Burtic from Authentically Healing You. Adelle gets real with us and explains her experience so far as a female entrepreneur in the Edmonton area. She also shares with us her routine to reach Work\Life Balance in her daily life (take note, ladies. She’s a professional at that..;) )

Tracey Jazmin Photography

1. What is your business & why that field/service/product?

My business is about making people feel empowered and to help them find life balance.  I believe in sharing from the heart and being authentic, which is partially how my business name came about. My business name is Authentically Healing You and my focus is health & wellness. I am a certified yoga and meditation instructor and reiki master. I want to empower women, to help them find life balance {mentally, physically and emotionally}, whether that is through yoga, meditation or even the enjoyment of some of my hand-made products. I am often teaching a class, leading a women’s circle/workshop or creating some products for others to enjoy. Basically, my heart is always leading me to help others in a variety of roles.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?

Several things factored in to my decision to start my own business, which I think is common for many. First, I wanted to have some time flexibility. I know being an entrepreneur is a lot of work but the idea that I could work at my own pace was very appealing. Second, my husband and I wanted a family {we now have two beautiful kids} so I knew that I wanted to be home with them and have a business that could work with a family, not against it. Finally, I was inspired to challenge myself and work with my creativity. I have a passion to work with others and help make their lives better and starting my own business fed that passion and fire to share and create.

3. Do you have a go to quote/motto?

My motto is to be authentic. When I make any business decisions or choices I always reflect if it will be authentic for me and what I am building with my business. It helps me stay focused and be genuine.

4. What’s a personal goal of yours to accomplish? (time frame?)

A personal goal of mine is to complete my 500-hour yoga teacher training. This goal is important to me because I know it will enrich my practice of yoga and in the long run add value to my teachings. I have a three month old baby at home, so realistically I would like to do this in the next couple years.

5. Do you have a professional goal or set of goals for your business?

I like to dream big and one professional goal {a long-term goal} for me is to work internationally. I would love to eventually build my business and community up so that I can teach workshops and retreats around the world. I know that is not something that will happen this month, or maybe not even this year, but it is attainable so I think in the next couple years I can start to focus more on this goal. But I will make sure that my short-term goals align with my long-term vision. Two short-term goals for this year are to build community {with other entrepreneurs and with other women who want to feel empowered through yoga & meditation}, and to launch my online meditation project {still feeling vulnerable talking openly about it!}. I am hoping to have this project launched in January!

6. Why do you love being an entrepreneur?

I love being an entrepreneur because I am constantly challenged and it allows me the opportunity to do what I love. I know I love yoga, meditation and helping others, but I also love the idea of working hard to build something I can be proud of. Businesses are much like our children; we grow them, nurture them and create something amazing. I know it might be cheesy but that is honestly how I feel.

Tracey Jazmin Photography

7. Did you ever have a time where you wanted to give up? How did you overcome that feeing?

YES!!! Being an entrepreneur has many perks but it can be so tough some days. I have doubted that I am not good enough or strong enough to balance it all. Some days I have all these great ideas and I get so excited but then I think “Oh my God, can I do this?”.  Honestly, the people you have in your life can make a world of a difference when you start to doubt yourself or feel overwhelmed. I am grateful I have my husband and close friends to talk me up when I start to spiral down. A good support system is key for me. Luckily, in our city you can meet some great people that share this experience. YEGBOSSBABES is the perfect community to turn to when you need some support, inspiration or encouragement. So, if you don’t have a good support system in place you can make your own!

8. What’s your best or first boss babe moment? 

My first boss babe moment was when I stepped out of my comfort zone and held my first meditation circle at my home studio. I was not sure how it would go and if it would be received well, but the women that attended were amazing and had great things to say. I knew, from that moment, that I could do this. I felt like I could make a difference and add value to others. That was an empowering experience for me.

9. What platform do you find most successful/interaction from?

I am an Instagram fan. I find I get the most interaction and success with that platform and it is easy to use.

image3 (2)
Tracey Jazmin Photography

10. Work-life balance: What you do to destress? What is your must-have moment of the day (me time)?

I like to start my day having my morning coffee, like most people I imagine, but that half-hour or so the kids are mostly quiet {thankfully both are morning people so they are good in the morning} and I just sit and think about what I need to do for the day or week. Honestly, that 30 minutes to reflect is HUGE. Aside from that, I like to meditate, journal and have bubble baths. I try to meditate every day for 5-20 minutes {depending on my available time}, and I find I often fit it in in the evenings when the kids fall asleep. I journal once or twice a week to decompress my mind and throw all my ideas out on paper. And bubble baths are great too once a day if it works out! 🙂

11. What are you looking to learn from other YEGBOSSBABES in the community?

I know everyone has their own business flavor and I love seeing how others run their business. I believe we can all learn something from one another. The idea of community among entrepreneurs is fantastic; especially women, because women are naturally creators. I think being around other YEGBOSSBABES builds inspiration for my own business. When people are encouraging it builds you up and then you have that fire to support someone else…it is just a beautiful cycle.

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How many times have family or friends asked you “What are you wanting for Christmas?” and you have no idea what to say because- let’s be honest, it’s not been on the extremely long list of to-dos to get done. So here is your answer. We have curated this list of great yegbossbabe approved xmas presents ranging in price and functionality:

Holiday Gift Guide - YBB


1.Boss Babe print by DanielleDesignShop. $19.74+

2. Girl Boss baseball cap. $19.74

3. Felt Letter Board. $23.99

4. Essential Oil Diffuser. $49.99

5.Desktop Cell Phone/ Tablet stand. $14.99

6. Pink Roses Mouse Pad. $1.71

7. Boss Lady Pen Set. $18.00

8. Asobu Insulated Travel Mug. $22.00

9. Spoonsco Waterproof Makeup Bag. $31.50

10. “I am That Girl” by Alexis Jones.  $20.74

11. Feejays Footed Sweatpant from CloudNine Pajamas. $64.99

12. Passport Cover. $7.95