A #YEGBOSSBABES Holiday Gift Guide

How many times have family or friends asked you “What are you wanting for Christmas?” and you have no idea what to say because- let’s be honest, it’s not been on the extremely long list of to-dos to get done. So here is your answer. We have curated this list of great yegbossbabe approved xmas presents ranging in price and functionality:

Holiday Gift Guide - YBB


1.Boss Babe print by DanielleDesignShop. $19.74+

2. Girl Boss baseball cap. $19.74

3. Felt Letter Board. $23.99

4. Essential Oil Diffuser. $49.99

5.Desktop Cell Phone/ Tablet stand. $14.99

6. Pink Roses Mouse Pad. $1.71

7. Boss Lady Pen Set. $18.00

8. Asobu Insulated Travel Mug. $22.00

9. Spoonsco Waterproof Makeup Bag. $31.50

10. “I am That Girl” by Alexis Jones.  $20.74

11. Feejays Footed Sweatpant from CloudNine Pajamas. $64.99

12. Passport Cover. $7.95




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