Here are some random thoughts from Katie Belland |Hair Stylist |Entrepreneur| BellandWhistleHair


1. When does sleep start? “I say more dumb things before 9 a.m than most people say all day” – Chandler Bing. I relate to this too much.

2. The struggle has been REAL trying to balance being a parent, work, and trying to look like a damn Instagram fitness chick (an exaggeration of course). I avoid my mom guilt by trying to include my son in my workouts. I’m always on the hunt for Kid-Friendly fitness classes. So far these 2 have changed my life! He runs around like a crazy person, and I can sweat my A$$ off!

3.“You’re a hairstylist, your kiddo MUST have the best hair!”.. No.


4. Remember that movie The Other Woman and Leslie Mann talks about wanting to go to “Brain Camp”? Is that a real thing? Where can I sign up? I have way too much knowledge on The Ninja Turtles and Paw Patrol.. I need a refresh.

5. Preschool is very convenient for things like grocery shopping, car naps, catching up on social media, writing lesson plans for Beauty Workshop YEG classes and even writing blog posts!

6. I just wanted to leave you #bossbabes with this. Finding balance can be difficult. The second half of 2017 I focused on fine tuning our routine. Not everyday runs smoothly but making sure I put aside a little bit of time each day (even if it’s just having silence for 10 minutes in the morning or evening) I feel HUMAN.

2017-12-19 03.16.30 2.jpg


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