Hello Boss Babes!

I’m Nicole! Owner of NV Esthetics.

I specialize in manicures and pedicures and would like to take a minute and discuss hand and foot care/maintenance with you.

Our winters are long and not so nice to our hands and feet often leaving them ignored.

So here’s some TIPS!

Most important is to schedule regular manicure and pedicure appointments every 4-8 weeks. Adding a warm paraffin treatment will help improve circulation and sooth aching joints as essential oils will help to soften and hydrate rough dry skin.


After any manicure or pedicure home care is so important. Massaging a rich foot cream before bed is great way to keep heals from cracking and to help already cracked heals.

I love Gehwol salve for cracked skin as a nice rich medicated cream.


Don’t forget about your hands! Cuticle oil and rich hand cream is what those dry hands need.

After applying hand cream massage into the cuticle to help stimulate healthy nail growth.  I love the hemp lotions as they come in such a variety of fragrances that it’s hard to choose just one!

Keep those hands and feet hydrated and healthy.



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