No matter what your company is about, you can find comfort during those long drives between clients, long editing sessions, making sessions, etc. in podcasts. Some of these podcasts are educational  for bossbabes while others are just pure entertainment. To save you time trying to find a podcast worth downloading, we are here to share our experiences so far with podcasts we can’t get enough of. Here is a list of podcasts we are digging at the moment.


Laugh out Loud:

This is the newest podcast on our list but with some of the most entertaining guests, like Kristen Bell and Ashton Kutcher, just to name a few. It’s funny, personable and gets guests talking about relatable topics.

A longtime fav podcast of mine because of the really neat concept: Celebrity guests, Anna Faris and her good friend Sim and at the end of each podcast, they all provide strangers advice on their relationships in life. Super relatable and just full of really great vibes. Anna is such a homegirl.

Listening to home town fav, Kaitlyn Bristowe on her podcasts is like sitting down with wine and your girlfriends and laughing your a** off for an hour. It’s hilarious girl talk.

One of Amy’s favs to listen to while driving or working, is local DJs podcast, Ryder & Lisa from HOT 107. Keep your day going with this light and funny podcasts from two hilarious Edmontonians.

This gang has different personalities with such diverse guests, there is always an episode for every girl. While they can be obnoxious, they cover great topics while keeping down to earth and sometimes – just plain raunchy. A good laugh for all in need. indeed..

Bossbabe Vibes:

“Airing twice a week, She’s Building Her Empire will help you follow you purpose, blaze the trail and build or expand your business empire – without running yourself into the ground. From Mindset and Productivity to Branding and 7-figure Business Systems & Strategies, listen to what tickles your fancy.” – She’s Building Her Empire Website

Make your dreams and reality with the help of this inspiring podcast! Listen to men and women tell their true stories, get life hacks that lead to success, and listen to questions answered by other entrepreneurs. Learn, learn, learn.

Canadian girls sharing their journey in the retail world. Better yet, there are Western Canadian women killing it! With great conversation and guests, you will for sure learn something new. The vibe is very inspirational as well – babes who really support other babes.

Binge Worthy:

I have this thing for crime podcasts – and it all started with this podcast.. It was so good and happened to heat up this case that is over 12 years old… No spoilers. I will leave you with that..

Christopher Goffard, from LA Times, tells this true story while interviewing the people involved. It takes turns you did not see coming – so it is perfect for a long drive or long evening working away!

This podcasts made plenty of Best of 2017 lists and that’s simply why I tried it.. I am so happy I did. It is a story that takes turns and reveals so much about the human condition. I don’t want to spoil it, but just trust me when I say, it is worth listening to from begining to end. *I do recommend lightening things up here and there with a podcast from our Laugh Out Loud section while listening to this podcast.

Because I found such obsession in Up & Vanished, creator Payne Lindsey cracks open an even older case (40 years ago) and investigates it as he creates his episodes. This crime is Atlanta’s darkest secret, and it seems to still have a lot of questions still remaining.

We hope you find great new podcasts from our list! Let us know your thoughts on these podcasts and if you have any favourites you would like to share with our #YEGBOSSBABES community! Comment below!


Version 3

Before I left for a Hawaiian vacation with my family two years ago, I never could have predicted that I would make a decision that would change my life. While in Hawaii, I saw a friend’s post on Facebook about a new jewellery brand coming to Canada in April 2016 and that this company was looking for new Designers. After doing some research and talking it over with my family, I realized that this was the extra income opportunity I was looking for. Before I flew home from Hawaii, I had purchased a starter kit full of jewellery I had never seen before, I created a business page on Facebook and I started to share with my networks that I was launching a new business. I had taken a leap of faith and what is often the hardest part—the first step!

Before I share more about my boss babe journey over the past two years, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrea Nwobosi and I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta with my husband and our six-year-old daughter. I have a background in marketing and communications and I work full-time in Human Resources communications at an oil and gas company. In my “spare” time, I am a Founding Leader with KEEP Collective Canada and I help women make more money by designing personalized keepsake jewellery. Since launching my business, I have had the opportunity to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit as part of a movement to share happiness and change lives.


A lot of people ask me how I have the energy to grow a side business while working full-time and supporting my family as a wife and a mother. To be honest, it’s a challenging balancing act! But there are a few things I’ve found that work for me. Fortunately, I’m able to work my side gig on-the-go, so I sneak it in where I can—messaging customers while on the bus on the way to work downtown, posting on social media during my lunch break, and coaching my team members or hosting jewellery design sessions in the evening.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t leave much time for my family life, so I do my best to be present with my daughter and to make the most of our quality time together, and I schedule date nights with my husband so we maintain precious one-on-one time. Weekends with my family are sacred time, so I schedule my family commitments first before I offer time on weekends to my team members or customers. Fortunately, my husband and I are both very organized, so we coordinate our schedules on a shared iCal calendar, which is especially important since we share one vehicle. I feel like I’m getting better at saying “no” to events or commitments that don’t bring value to me, to my family or to my business. When you’re an entrepreneur with other responsibilities, it’s important to figure out what your boundaries are and stick to them so you’re in control of your schedule and so your schedule doesn’t control you.


The past two years I’ve spent building my business hasn’t come without ups and downs. And I’ll admit, a year ago I almost gave up. After a busy Christmas season, I questioned whether this was the right business for me. But I took time to reflect and I gained more self-awareness of what I wanted to achieve with my business and how I wanted to approach it. I decided that I needed to have more fun and that I would only do things related to my business that make me feel happy. This shift in mindset yielded great results, which included hitting a huge team promotion and earning an all-expenses paid trip to Los Cabos.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far in my business is finding creative ways to build awareness of a brand that’s new to Canada. KEEP Collective is a sister brand to Stella & Dot jewellery, which has been around for over a decade. Many women I meet are familiar with Stella & Dot; however, KEEP Collective is a new personalized jewellery concept that most people have never heard of. I have an online boutique and digital design studio that are open 24/7, but I’ve found that connecting with people in-person and sharing the collection at local business pop-ups, at vendor events in my community and at in-home design sessions have been most effective for my business. Designing one-on-one with people allows me to connect with them and their story on a personal level so I can help them design a keepsake that best represents their family members, treasured memories or special milestones that are important to them and that is an instant reminder of what makes them happy.

I’ve also been intentional about branding my business to differentiate myself from other Designers. My business name, Park Girl Designs, pays homage to my Sherwood Park roots and reinforces my passion for connecting with my community. By bringing the KEEP Collective brand to life in-person, I’ve been able share KEEP Collective’s mission to give every woman the means to design her one of a kind life.

What began as a way to earn extra income to pay down debt has turned into something that’s so much more. For one, I’ve never before felt that I’ve had as many friends as I do now! I’ve created lasting relationships with customers, local business owners and team members, all because I now have a reason to connect with others by sharing something that brings me and others so much joy. This personal connection is why I love being a boss babe. Our supportive community of KEEP Collective Designers shares together, learns together and grows together. We share a deep belief that living a happy life comes from always keeping in mind what truly matters: love, faith, family, friendship and adventure.

I have the honour of mentoring a team of independent business owners who are making more money for their families while sharing happiness through meaningful jewellery. As a leader of other business owners, my role is not to be their “boss” because we’re each our own boss. It’s a different type of leadership. I’ve learned to lead by example, to share my experiences with them so they can avoid making my mistakes, and to coach them to achieve what they want from their business.


So far, my journey as an entrepreneur has opened my eyes to what is possible. It is possible to give back to your community in your own unique way, it is possible to achieve goals you never thought you could, and it is possible to earn an income doing what you love. This adventure has been worth every ounce of risk I took when I decided to take that initial leap of faith. I’m so excited for what’s next.

Andrea Nwobosi
Park Girl Designs
Independent KEEP Collective Canada Founding Leader
Social media: @parkgirldesigns


IMG_0455 (1)

We really are excited by the results of our first ever Marketing Workshop. Last night, we had three speakers that really brought their all for our attendees. We kicked off the evening with Lisa from Copper Social Co. She did a great job of covering the efficiency of Social Media Marketing while keeping in mind your WorkLife Balance. As the evening went on, we welcomed Sarah from Sarah Van Marketing and she taught us how to use Google effectively for our businesses. We were walked through some important steps for our bossbabes to take in order to start increasing their exposure and gaining more credible clientele and customers all through Google! Last but not least, Joanne from YEG MARKETING wrapped up our night with her top 10 tips for us to takeaway from the evening (which included some amazing free sites and apps that really work well). Our round table at the end of the night was insightful and every attendee had the opportunity to ask our experts questions that pertain to their businesses and their current challenges with Social Media / Marketing in general.

Shout out to our sponsor @morefungourmettreats for providing beautiful cupcakes for our attendees to snack on while taking in this awesome workshop. Also to Nicole for helping our presenters and recording! We got some great ideas for workshops in the future and are going to provide repeat dates for this workshop as well! We struck out with extremely educated and caring Marketing and Social Media experts on our first try and we think that is a testimate to the character our YEGBOSSBABES community genuinely has.

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Written by: Paige Simpson 

As a business owner, creating content for social media platforms can be difficult, especially if you aren’t equipped with skills in graphic design, photography, or videography. That’s why I created this list of 5 foolproof and free-to-use apps that will help you boss babes create and organize engaging content for all of your social media accounts:



1. Spark Post

This app, created by Adobe, allows you to create stunning graphics and videos that can be used for your social media platforms. The app includes professionally designed templates for any social media platform. I personally use this app to create animated video graphics for my Instagram stories as well as engaging animated content for the social media profiles of my clients.

2. Pexels

If you are searching for free and beautiful stock photos to add some pizzazz to your social feed, you need Pexels in your life. Pexels provides thousands of HD, top-quality, stock photos and videos on its platform. Another plus, all of the photos and videos on the platform are easy to find and search for by simple keyword association.

3. Canva

If you haven’t heard of Canva yet, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. This easy to use design app allows you to create stunning graphics in no time! Whether you are creating a new social media post, logo, infographic, web advertisement, printable coupon, newsletter, menu, etc…this app has every boss babe covered.


Need help planning your Instagram feed? Look no further than UNUM. If there’s one thing a boss babe needs, it’s more time in the day. This app helps save time by letting you plan your Instagram posts ahead of time on their app. UNUM’s open grid format allows you to visualize exactly how your Instagram grid will look before you post. This tool is a necessity for every boss babe looking to create a flawless Instagram feed!


Want a quick and easy way to edit your photos before posting them on social media? VSCO is the app for you! If I don’t have time to edit my photos using Adobe Lightroom, an easy, time-saving alternative is VSCO. I usually use VSCO to adjust things like the cropping of the photo, exposure, highlights, shadows, sharpness, etc. The app also includes tons of moody filters to add to your photos if you’re into that!

Creating engaging social media content for your business or personal brand starts with finding, utilizing, and leveraging the right resources and programs. All of the social media apps mentioned above are free and easy-to-use resources that you can utilize to help you achieve your social media goals.

As a business owner, treat your social media profiles as if they were your babies. If you had the choice, you would feed your baby only the best, most organic, nutrient-packed foods, right? The same thing applies to your social media feeds. Only showcase your best, most organized, idea-packed content. This is the content that will resonate with your audience and promote engagement.

Until next time,

Paige Simpson.png


Written by: Tammy Deren – Smiley Eyes Photography – The Photographer Studio

For me, life is nothing without passion. Each click of the shutter and every photo I take is designed to tease out the passion of my subjects. Sometimes it’s professional headshot of a new lawyer and in their eyes I see a desire to change world. Other times it’s a bride and groom with a serene stillness around them despite the busy wedding day – the stillness that comes from knowing you have found someone that touches your soul. In the same way a sculpture sees the story in a block of wood, I see the emotions behind each photo. I coax them forward and capture them with my lens.


My name is Tammy Deren. I picked up my first camera when I was six years old, a Kodak Instamatic with 110 film! I took rolls and rolls of photos with that camera and I just never stopped shooting. Four kids, two thriving businesses, and husband later, I’m still clicking away.

I find inspiration everywhere and whether or not my camera is in my hand, I see the world through the eye of a photographer. A rainy day with fat droplets splashing onto a hot sidewalk, a meandering stream running past a campsite, bare feet sinking into flip flops – even the smallest moments inspire me.

Real passion cannot be contained – I decided to go official with my life’s purpose in 2006 and hung out my shingle: Smiley Eyes Photography.

I believe in giving back. Since not every photographer has the opportunity to work from their own fully stocked studio with lights, props and backgrounds, I opened my second business: The Photographer Studio.

This venture rents out three studios, two on the west side and one west central. The studios give aspiring photographers access to everything they need to create and share their beautiful art. The studios can also be rented as creative collaborative spaces for meetings, product launches, parties and events.


Being an entrepreneur is serious business, and ladies, you know with kids, a household and a career, it’s not easy to manage it all. I’ve been so fortunate to have a great support system, a strong work ethic, and wonderful clients that helped me to quickly build up the business. Today, I shoot in my three studio locations, on site at weddings and events, for magazine editorials, and even destination weddings. My work has appeared on the cover of Blush magazine and I’ve grown The Photographer Studio from one location to three fully stocked, bright and beautiful, in-demand studios. It’s hard work, but very rewarding.

Sometimes people ask how I do it – even I wonder some days! Taking photos is a very personal business, especially for families and weddings. My vision isn’t always what the client had in mind. I could spend time second guessing my work or wondering if my studios are good enough, but the trick is to just keep going. My list of happy clients far outweighs the few complaints. When I do have someone that isn’t happy, I do my best to fix it. I take it all as constructive feedback, try to make it right, and move on.

0R1A9703 copyweb

My advice for new boss babes is to determine if problematic issues were caused from an inefficiency within your business. If so, fix it so it doesn’t happen again.

My other piece of advice is set business hours and stick to them. It’s so tempting to answer every call and email even if it’s 9 PM, but that work/life balance is absolutely critical. Delegate, let your family help with the chores and household duties, and schedule time away from work. Remember, you can’t be productive or present for your clients, friends and family if you burn out.

When people meet me, they see a happy, upbeat, socially active girl that loves to smile, dance and laugh. That’s truly me, but I didn’t start out this way. Every day I work hard on my personal and professional growth. My life has had many ups and downs and I’ve had to overcome traumas that could have sent me in a much darker direction. I’ve learned that life is truly what you make of it. Sink or swim, walk or fly – that’s a choice I have to make every day. I choose to spread my wings and fly, and uplift as many people as I can along the way.




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Hello everyone! My name is Lindsay Kelloway & I am the creator of Haiku Lane. Everyone always asks me how I started Haiku Lane and I have two stories. I’m not sure which is the crediting explanation or whether the two intermix unbiasedly next to each other.

The first story- My grandparents have a home in Maui and so I always felt that it was my home away from home. I have always felt like my heart belonged by the ocean and thus I felt inspiration everywhere! Most of my first creations started with seashells & sea glass. The Name “Haiku” arose from a place in maui called “Haiku Mill”- an old sugar mill from the 1800’s. Look it up! I dare you.

The second story- and perhaps less romantic than the first but equally important started when I was young. My aunt had always been in craft shows and my mom and I would come to her house and help her prepare. My mom, never wanting to commit to craft shows herself, was equally crafty if not more so and loved to help out! I always told my mom- “I’m going to have my own booth one day”. I’m the type that once I’m committed, I’m committed! So here I am 7 years into Haiku Lane doing what I love!


My Random Thoughts from a #MomBoss

1-You may be wondering why I use “vintage” pieces in my work. The truth is I have always been an “Old Soul” and perhaps this stemmed from when I was a child and would go to old car shows and antique shops with my dad and grandpa. Perhaps it was a way to connect & bond with them because I didn’t feel like I had anything in common with the two…. Either way its become a true interest and I truly love the mystery of an old skeleton key, for example.

2-Now that I am reminiscing of the past…I used to have a major crush on Elvis Presley & John Travolta (in the “Grease” days).

3-My child is on the move 24/7 and we call her a mini tornado. I feel guilty for wishing that she would just sit down and watch “Paw Patrol” so I can sit & relax. But on the other hand I am so happy that she is not glued to the tv.

4- If your child is quiet- yes it is too good to be true! They are likely playing in the dogs water dish or better yet the toilet…. Or maybe they have shredded all of the toilet paper off of the roll!


5- In an effort to become more “plant based” I have found some awesome recipes & these are my serious “Go -Tos” that are absolutely delicious ! RECIPES HERE

6- I look at my child with chapped red cheeks from teething, a snotty nose that she won’t let me clean, food in her hair with the biggest teethy grin and my husband asks me “Do all parents love their child this much?”. It makes my heart ache that there are children out there who don’t have caregivers that truly love them…. and I think about this all too much! While our children can drive us to insanity at moments, there is no love greater!


7- How much cactus and macrame in a house is two much? I may have a problem.

Lindsay Kelloway

Social Media
Instagram- @haiku.lane.handmade


Thank you so much to the wonderful #YEGBOSSBABES who attended the Winter Mixer! This was only our second mixer and we are so proud of amount of local female entrepreneurs & community members that made it out!


The Woodrack Cafe was an amazing location that provided us with great service, delicious drinks, and a cozy place to network. We defiantly filled the space and appreciated your understanding when things got a little cramped!

Our evening started at 7PM and the conversations seemed to flow easy! People started filling tables, networking and learning more about each other. We love to provide name tags to all of our attendees to help with the “I totally just met you but now I forget your name” situation!


Founder, Kirsten Kyle started the evening with a quick run down of our “WHY” and introduced the other members of the team! Next up we introduced Zakiyaa Murji and she gave an amazing speech on Self Love & Body Positivity. Now you might wonder why we may have choose a topic that wasn’t specifically related to business and heres why..

When we heard Kia speak at a previous event we were so moved by her story and feel that in a community full of women that this topic would relate to so many. Confidence in yourself will help you succeed in all things, one of those being your business. It will give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and land those clients, jobs, sales etc.



We are committed to hosting a mixer every season. With that being said, we are already working on details for our Spring Mixer and will be taking into consideration all of the awesome feedback we received! We encourage all of the Fall & Winter attendees to join us next season as well!

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