Hi everyone, my name is Mekaila. I am “mommy” to two great little munchkins, Hudson(4) and Delilah(2) and I am also the maker behind Huddy Buddies.

Huddy Buddies are handmade, soft soled booties. I started up this business by accident in 2016 while I was on my first maternity leave with my son Hudson. Hudson was a sleeper. I was that mom asking the Doctor if it was okay that he slept all the time. While he napped during the day I decided to learn how to crochet using YouTube and made Hudson a pair of boots. After being asked multiple times by other moms where I had bought the boots I decided to put them up online to see if anyone was interested in purchasing a pair. That’s when the whirlwind of Huddy Buddies began.


There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into a business and there has been no lack of those since I started. During my busy season I usually head down to work from 7pm (after the kids are in bed) till 2am completing market prep and orders. My Husband is my savior. He grounds me, supports me and helps however he can. As a mother of two I am still working on finding a good balance in the chaos of motherhood and running a business. Here are some of the things that have also helped me so far on my journey to find that balance. This includes the realities of what business is really like as well as actual resources I use to help me get work done with kids.

  1. Surround yourself with the love and support you deserve. Cut out the negativity because happiness is what makes life great and gives you the desire and momentum to do great things.

  2. In the beginning there are more lessons to learn than successes to be had. Every business has growing pains but each one is necessary to come out stronger in the end.  If someone is making it look easy they are likely just handling their struggles with finesse… or they are liars and I suggest you keep your distance haha!

  3. Find ways to mom and boss. As a mother of two I find it hard to get anything done with my kids around. Here are a couple of things that I find give me a little extra time in the day to get work done while they are awake

    • Parent Link: Free family resources for your littles ones. I take my kids to the play and stay and while they play at the centers I will reply to emails and set up social media campaigns. http://www.familyfutures.ca/

    • Edmonton Rec Centers offer 2.5 hrs of childminding in their family rec pass and they are run by Early Childhood Educators and my kids love it there. Not all rec centers have childminding but it is offered around the city.

    • Take turns with another busy mom. I started dropping my kids off on Tuesdays and then I get an extra 2 kids on Thursday. WORTH IT!

    • Business apps I love include PREVIEW for Android or PLANN for iOS users. These apps allow you to organize your Instagram and schedule posts. I usually do a month of posts in an hour. Hootsuite is great for Facebook and Canva is all around amazing for creating professional graphics.


My biggest advice, whether you own your own business or not, is to get mommy friends. Friend therapy is the best form of relief for me. My mom tribe has gotten me through the good, bad and ugly moments of my business and motherhood. I found these mamas through ParentLink so no excuses why you can’t get out there and make your own tribe. I thank my lucky stars on a daily for the ladies in my life. If you are a mom get out there and meet some moms! You wont regret it. Even if all you talk about is poop, no sleep and what’s for dinner, It’s worth it.


Photo Credit | Cheryl Ip Photography

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