The main reason I started The Globe Diary was to inspire people to travel more, even if it was just locally. And that’s because I think travel is that important. It fundamentally transforms us and it’s made me take on living abroad in a new light. Studies have shown that traveling reduces overall stress, enhances creativity, boosts happiness, and decreases symptoms of depression. All of which would have a positive impact on you as a boss babe.

Most importantly, however, investing in travel is like investing in an education — the results are intangible but extremely valuable. Travel adds to the school of knowledge you can’t acquire in a classroom. So get out there and learn. Here are my top 10 reasons why travel is important for you and your business:

#1: To Learn to Adapt


Travel, like business, involves constantly unplanned changes and finding solutions to adapting to new environments. You’ll know, if you read our blog, that with all our dream travel experiences, come flight delays, lost baggage, and a whole host of other #travelproblems. Most recently, our fail of a trip to New York. While these may seem like hindrances in the moment, they serve as real-life teaching moments that you’ll need as an entrepreneur. Learning to be flexible and positive in these situations that arise while travelling will shape how you handle these situations in the workplace. Constraints and obstacles are inevitable but it’s how you deal with them that will make you a good entrepreneur.

Ever tried to speak to a confused Frenchman when you find yourself lost down some cobblestone street in Paris without any wifi? Well, we have. And, while we embrace these types of funny moments, you’ll have to find creative ways to get around obstacles like language barriers, or cultural differences when travelling.  Whether it be through wild hand gestures and broken French, you’ll find where you need to go. Learning to communicate with potential business partners or a difficult client will be a breeze after all that.

#3: To Embrace Diversity

Travel will undoubtedly expand your awareness and open your mind to new things. In today’s global economy, never cut yourself from interaction with foreign cultures and markets because you consider yourself ‘too small’ or ‘more local’. Being aware of different could make your business unique! And with that, the exposure to new cultures in different countries will teach you new values and perspectives you could adapt in your business that no one else is doing in your market. Be different Babe!

#4: To Plan & Manage Time


There is no life lesson like the one where you miss your flight and end up spending an entire weekend in the airport instead of New York. Believe me, we’ve been there. And now we will always arrive with enough time. But also, we plan for enough time to explore, to relax and to debrief even after travel. If we didn’t’ we wouldn’t be able to maximise our time. And we all know, when you run your own business, there are never enough hours in the day!

#5: To Encourage Personal Growth

Travel provides the platform to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Yes, there is nothing like the risk of starting a new business. But try visiting a new country, with different cultures and customs. Try spending a week exploring a new place with a friend or significant other. Try it all solo!  Travelling is the best way to get to know you!

#6: To Practice Self-Care & Take A Break


By taking a break from your daily life, unplugging from technology and engaging in new activities in new places, it becomes easier to release from unwanted habits. Slow down. Take a break from your high-stress, fast-paced life. Burnout is real, and while work, work, work might benefit your business short-term, you’ll lose momentum, drive and your emotional capacity to deal with the obstacles coming at you on the daily. Take a page out of our book, with Craig and I juggling full-time jobs and our side-hustles, plus not being accustomed to Alberta Winters, we always book a sunny getaway, like Mexico, to regroup and come back re-energised. And I kid you not, we’re practically new people after a week away.

#7: To Embrace Change

I read something once that resonated with me and perfectly sums up how life-changing travel really can be: “Travel to surround yourself with people who don’t know the encyclopaedia of your past. It reinforces your willingness to broaden your horizons, to get unstuck and to move in new directions.” The fact that Craig and I had travelled so much is precisely the reason we weren’t afraid of moving halfway across the world from South Africa to Canada. I’m not saying it was easy — I did after all write all about my struggle the first year here — but without knowledge of what’s out there, we would never have been motivated to leave our comfort zone and embrace the adventure that was to come.

#8: To Network


Ever made a friend while travelling? No? Well then you’re doing it wrong! By not using those moments to build connections and relationships with people around the world, you’re missing out on an incredible resource which can come in handy when starting a new venture. Especially in the age of social media! Beyond that, it also helps strengthen networking skills by forcing you to interact with people you otherwise wouldn’t talk to. And networking, my friend, is the best secret in business!

#9: To Inspire You

Nothing kills my inspiration faster than focusing on staying indoors to work and meet deadlines. Yes, hard work is the name of the game — don’t get me wrong — but if you don’t take a moment to look up, it can hurt your ability to come up with new ideas or inspiration. Travelling can give you incredible insight to how things work around the world and what you’re doing that might not be working for you. Stroke your curiosity with first-time experiences and see

#10: To Motivate You


If you indeed catch the travel bug like we did, and travelling the world is a high priority, it will surely become a huge motivator on a day to day basis to work hard so you can play hard later. Knowing I have a trip coming up in a few weeks makes me willing to work harder because I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel — a much needed relaxing or exciting getaway!



Jamie works as a Manager of Cause Marketing & Social Impact at ATB. As part of her role, she has the opportunity of leading philanthropic storytelling and working towards ATB’s goal of being loved and respected by all Albertans. In addition to this role, Jamie is the Board Chairman for Momentum Walk-In Counselling and is also co-chairing Edmonton (and Momentum’s) very first Mental Health Awards. She also volunteers as a content writer for the Ad Club of Edmonton and as a mentor with the IABC mentorship program. Helping young marketing and communications professionals is very important to her, as she understands the difficulties of having your voice heard and skills acknowledged at a young age.

Favorite spot to work ‘off-site’ in Edmonton?

Woodrack Cafe & the Nook Cafe. I love the decor and vibes in both!

What is your role at ATB and why did you choose that career path?

As a Cause-Marketing and Social Impact Manager for ATB, I have the opportunity of making lasting change by lending a voice to our community. It’s incredibly rewarding. I love being able to use my skills as a marketer to strive towards ATB’s mandate of creating happiness in the lives of others. Some ‘hats’ I wear include managing two of our company-wide corporate social responsibility programs, maintaining relationships with our non-profit partners, event planning, leading our external diversity and inclusion initiatives, and spearheading cause-marketing campaigns alongside our talented internal ad agency. I love that no day is ever the same, and that I get to utilize my creativity while doing something I find meaningful.


Most challenging part of your position?

Always stepping out of the box, and finding innovative ways to share our stories. I think technology, the way we do business, and the ways people prefer to receive information is rapidly changing, so it’s always important to take time for research and finding new ways to stand out and be bold. I think it’s easy to get caught up in day to day tasks, but so important to always revert back to the bigger picture of what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re not getting your message out properly, the day to day tasks are essentially meaningless. For me, my biggest challenge is continually reminding myself to step back and ensure I’m taking those proper steps and tactics to ensure success.

Favorite app/blog/book

Books have always been my go-to (especially self-help books!). It’s not that all these books have new ideas or provide me with some sort of revelation, but every time I pick a new one up, I become eager and motivated by the words I read, and usually begin to improve my well being in some way. Some of my favorite authors include Brene Brown, Gretchen Rubin, Robin Sharma, and Arianna Huffington. Thrive by Arianna Huffington is probably my top pick!

Tell us more about your role with Momentum, and Edmonton’s first mental health awards?

I’ve recently taken on the role of Chairman of the Board for Momentum and am also managing Edmonton (and Momentum’s) very first Mental Health Awards. Momentum is an amazing non-profit in Edmonton that works to break the barriers surrounding the traditional health care system by offering immediate walk-in counselling at a price people can afford. No long wait times, and no outrageous prices. It’s something I’m truly passionate about as I feel everyone should receive affordable and immediate care for their mental health.

The goal of our first mental health awards are to recognize local change-makers who are making a difference for our city’s mental health community. We want to celebrate how far we’ve come, and recognize these incredible leaders and organizations who are creating lasting change.


What inspired your involvement with Momentum and co-leading Edmonton’s first mental health awards?

For me, I wanted to use my skills to support a cause that’s deeply rooted in who I am, as someone who struggles with anxiety. It’s something that not a lot of people know about me. I think the moment I started wanting to ‘destroy’ this reputation I had, so to speak, was when I was told by a couple of people that I seemed so put together, and had everything figured out. I remember thinking how boring and fake that was. No one has it all figured out, and everyone is struggling with something. Everyone. So behind all of my filtered Instagram photos, I began sharing with more people about my struggles with anxiety. And without fail, every time I allow myself to be vulnerable enough to share these struggles, people open up to me about their own battles with mental health. People I would have never known are struggling.

That’s why I believe in the importance of pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone, break my reputation of seeming ‘put together’, and share my journey with others. After all, that connectedness to one another is part of being a human – it’s so amazing to know that we are all more similar than different. One of my favorite quotes that I read a while ago in Sophia Amoruso’s book, #Girlboss, is “I want to be as vulnerable and raw as possible, so others feel less alone.” Such powerful words to live by.

Words of advice for fellow YEG Bosses?

Always continue to run from comfort. The times when I’ve felt most out of my comfort zone are the times I’m most proud of in my life. Volunteer for a cause that you’re passionate about (even if you don’t see an opportunity – just ask for one! Lot’s of non-profits are always looking for pro-bono help.). Figure out what fuels your passion, and jump in with both feet. Go for a coffee with a YEG boss babe you admire. Ask that boss babe to hook you up for coffee with another YEG boss babe (side note – this is one of my favorite things to do. Going for coffee is my favorite thing to do with women I find inspiring. It keeps me on my toes and gets me thinking about new ideas or ways to improve myself. My biggest piece of advice is to step far out of your comfort zone and opportunities will come.

What do you think is one of the most important skills to have in your career?

I love taking writing courses whenever I get a chance. I think it’s such an important skill for every business person, and I thoroughly enjoy taking time to improve on it. This is one of the reasons I love volunteering as a blogger & content writer for the Advertising Club of Edmonton. It’s a great way to ensure I’m practicing these skills as often as I can.

Do you have a plan for where you’d like to be in 5 years?

I think if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all the leaders that inspire me, it’s to not set a specific long-term path and be open to opportunities as they come. At the start of my career, I had very set intentions and tried to plan everything out. Now, although I do set goals over the course of the year, I only have a vague idea of the direction I’d like to take in my career. It also takes a lot of pressure off myself. If you’re too focused on a specific path, it’s much easier to turn down opportunities that could just lead you to the most incredible places.

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What’s a personal goal of yours you hope to accomplish?

Mastering the art of meditation (and making more time for it). Meditation allows me to connect with the present moment, truly makes me feel more creative in the work I do, increases my productivity, and reminds me of the fact that we have such a limited time here on earth. For me, it’s benefits are incredibly rewarding and I want to continue to push myself to make more time for it in my daily routine. It’s definitely an ongoing goal. If you’re looking to get more into meditation, I highly suggest the app, ‘Headspace’.

How do you stay organized and manage your time throughout the week?

My google calendar is my lifeline. Seriously. I include everything in it – meetings, personal commitments, volunteering. If it doesn’t go in my calendar immediately, chances are it will be forgotten.

I also always have an ongoing ‘to-do’ list sitting at my desk, accompanied by a sticky note on top of that to do list (otherwise known as a ‘sh*t I really have to do list). Last, I make sure I do little things on Sunday’s like meal prep, workout prep, and outfit prep (yes, that is a thing), to make sure I’m not bombarded with small, but time consuming decisions throughout the week.

What’s your best boss babe moment? (First moment of reassurance).

Becoming a cause-marketing manager. It was a big jump from my previous role as a coordinator, and the first time I felt really confident in the work I was doing. It gave me the courage to pursue things like providing strategic advice on a board of directors, and taking on more pro-bono work for non-profit organizations.

Work-life Balance: What you do you do to destress? What is your must-have moment of the day (me time)?

Work-life balance is a huge focus for me as I constantly need to work on keeping up my mental health. This means hot yoga and meditation sessions are a must during my week. I’ve learned to commit myself to 6AM classes as there’s no possibility of double-booking myself, or creating excuses after a long day. I also have certain ‘mantras’ set for myself so I never get too overwhelmed: Things like not working past 6PM, never taking on more than 3 ‘after-work’ commitments a week, making time for exercise, and having weekends to myself are a few of these rules I follow. They allow me to be the best version of myself and make everything easier to manage.

Where can we find you?

@jmebay on Instagram or my Linkedin profile 🙂

The struggle is real girls.

Being a business owner is one of the hardest things ever. And the crazy thing is, no one understands it. I think more than ever, being a business owner or entrepreneur is so glamorized. More people are doing it, more people are dreaming of doing it; but they don’t know the struggles.

‘Normal’ people go to work, then they get to go home and leave work at work. They get a paycheque without any other thought going into it. Unless maybe they’re thinking about asking for a raise.

Business owners not only half the time DON’T pay themselves, they put money INTO their business.

Why? You might ask?!

Because that’s what we do to see our dream turn into a reality. It’s how we grow. It’s what we do because we can’t imagine anything else. We do it because we want more. We want things on our own terms, done on our own timeline, in our own way. Working 9-5, collecting a paycheque just isn’t an option for us.

Sometimes friends & family don’t understand when we say, ‘I can’t, I have to work.’ No one but you sees the behind the scenes effort. And that’s okay because you don’t need glory for it, you need time.

If you’re a one woman show, LET ME APPLAUD YOU! This is extremely hard. Wearing like 17 different hats & still functioning as a human being.

If you run a team of employees, LET ME APPLAUD YOU! This is also extremely hard. Managing all the schedules & taking on each persons well being while still managing your own.

Sometimes it takes a breakdown to make a breakthrough.

I run two businesses on my own (that are both full time jobs) plus another business with partners (thank the Lord for them🙌🏼)I have never been anything other than an entrepreneur and honestly wouldn’t know how to. Sometimes this is scary. What if my businesses fail? What will I do?

But the rest of the time, this is wonderful. Even through ALL of the hardships, THIS is what I want. THIS is who I am. The blood, the sweat, and the tears (trust me there’s a lot of tears😂), nights of asking ‘WHY AM I DOING THIS!’ literally amount to nothing when I look at what I’m doing, what I’ve created, and what I’ve persevered through. All of the different aspects and adventures that my businesses bring me on a daily basis is enough for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I LOVE it.

Will it pay off? HELL YES.

And I can’t wait to see where this crazy amazing life of being a business owner will take me.

So, BOSSBABES. Let me finish with this. On good days, celebrate! On bad days, talk it out, over a bottle of wine. LEARN from your mistakes and understand where things went wrong. As long as your passion matches your vision, you are bound to go far.



xoxo Amy.


1. What is your business?

The Whitewood Barn wedding and event centre in Leduc County.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?

I was inspired to create the Whitewood by the creativity that is available
in local talent and passionate entrepreneurs in our community. The
Whitewood’s foundation will be built on partnerships and passion of
providing that special “Best Day Ever”! The Whitewood will provide a
rustic, elegant comfortable place for all celebrations and to create life long


3. Do you have a go to motto?

Simplify, with elegance, comfort and passion

4. What is a personal goal of yours?

I want to become social media savvy. In charge of my expression and


5. What is a professional goal of yours?

To be debt free in 5 years, while encouraging growth of

6. Why do you love being an entreprenuer?

I love choosing everyday what I do and creating daily challenge.

7. Have you ever had a time where you wanted to give up?

Absolutely! I overcame the desire of giving up by putting myself in
positive networks of the industry I was trying to enter.

8. Whats your best boss babe moment?

Purchasing the venue property!


9. Whats your favourite platform to use?

Instagram & Wedding Wire

10. What is your must have moment of the day (me time)?

My morning coffee and touch base day.

11. What are looking forward to in the Yegbossbabe community?

Networking and surrounding myself with passionate, strong positive
minds with a drive for growth and kindness.

Interested in being featured? email us at 


Hey YEG Boss Babes!!

I’m Kendra of Kendra Allen Design + Photography. I have a branding firm that specializes in helping small businesses look great online. I do brand design, brand photography, as well as consulting, content creation, and social media management. I am currently working towards launching more consulting services and workshops this year specifically for women who need clarity on their brand image.

After the birth of my first daughter, I found my passion in helping small local businesses and entrepreneurs after my time making hand printed baby apparel and selling at local markets. I was freelance designing on the side, but this was when I found my niche and dream clientele!

Being a mother is a whole circus act of it’s own. Having my first daughter right out of college, my drive to hone my craft of graphic design and photography pushed me into entrepreneurship.

You could say I gave up a traditional career at just 19 years old when I took my first gig as a self employed brand designer. I had been freelancing for the past three years while in school, and now, as a new mom, it was a perfect fit. My partner had a steady job which allowed me to stay home with my daughter. But this wasn’t without a whole lot of mixed emotions.

While in the depths of post-partum depression,  I knew I needed a steady flow of creativity back in my life. Enter, House of Posie Design and Apparel. It was 2014, and this was before walmart, superstore, and all the rest started carrying cool kids clothes. Believe it or not, I couldn’t find anything I loved in stores. Target, sometimes, but then it went out of business here in Canada. I felt an indescribable need to start up my own clothing business. I had this crazy idea of doing things as handmade as possible.

After having been working on a computer almost exclusively while I learned Graphic Design, I needed to get my hands dirty again. Back in high school I had learned the art of lino cutting, also known as block printing. This allows oneself to print things by hand without the annoyance of burning screens with chemicals in the dark like screen printing. My favourite part about lino cutting was the unique look of an illustration carved into a block. To me, there was nothing more beautiful. Fast forward a year and a bit and I was expecting my second child. Another hard pregnancy called for me to slow down with the hand printing. While I adored the local handmade community that I discovered on Instagram and in local markets, my passion project quickly became too hard to maintain. And I knew that with two littles, I would never catch up. Next came a diagnosis of hypothyroidism when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I had to listen to my body and pull things back a bit. But, I couldn’t stop creating. I learned that already.

Around this time I decided it was time to finally take my Graphic Design and Photography a bit more seriously and at least make an instagram account to showcase my work. After my two year old would fall asleep, and my ‘morning sickness’ would subside, I stayed up late laying in bed working away on my laptop. My body would rest, but I was still fulfilling my need to create. With my clothing business for babies and toddlers, I realized how much I LOVED helping handmade businesses with their businesses.


I joined the local chapter of Tuesday Together by The Rising Tides Society, and became fascinated with creative entrepreneurship. I was enthralled with all of the people I had met both online and in the community. And I knew I wanted to help these people grow their businesses.

I started photographing friends and making logos for local brands and was finally putting my long-time love of brand design to work! I had been doing the odd job of logo design over the past couple years, but I decided to take it a bit more seriously and go after the work I wanted.

Now, I am in my 6th year as an entrepreneur, and my 4th year as a mother; with my second daughter being born just a year ago. After 6 years, I may have finally come to terms with who I truly am. An entrepreneur by blood. I am still figuring everything out as I go, but I can feel that this is the year for me to finally align my goals for my business with reality! Being a mother and working from home (although by choice), isn’t easy. And I commend all who do it! I treasure this time I have had to figure out who I am as a person and raise my babies. Now, on a new path as a single mother, the #momboss game has shifted a bit.

Instead of juggling a million balls at once, I am now able to take my time with my children and dedicate it fully to them. And then once they are with their dad, I can focus on my work. It makes it so my work schedule is a bit all over the place, but it works for now! So what have I learned from all of this? Let me break it down for you.



1. One thing you can be sure of, you never know what the future will be like. So ride the wave, have big huge goals, but, be willing to adapt to the ever changing world. For example, social media has exploded since I was in school, so I have now added social media management and content creation to my expanding list of services! Being adaptable and keeping up with the trends is what will allow you to make this all work.

2. If you have a kid like my three year old, you won’t get any work done until they are in bed. Most times I pass out at the same time as them, so ya, its an every day struggle! She is currently sitting on my lap drinking a yogurt drink and my one year old is standing up in her high chair. Don’t worry, multi tasking quickly becomes a mom bosses best skill.

3. Indoor playgrounds and kid cafes are amazing for meetings with fellow mom bosses. Edmonton is totally rocking it lately with kid friendly cafe’s! They are popping up every where. And I am talking super chic adorable places with little play areas in the corner. Awesome instagram stories of fancy AF lattes, here I come.

4. Non work related, but if you are a mom-to-be, expect to have to sacrifice your cute styled coffee table and anything under, like, 3 feet for years to come. Thrifted and pre worn items make the vandalism of children slightly less noticeable and also less heart breaking when you haven’t spent a ton of money on it. Is shabby chic still cool??

5. The soundtrack to my life is baby bum youtube nursery rhymes. Now that I don’t have my kids half the time, I am trying to bring music back into my life that is actually made for people above the age of four. I am looking for playlist recommendations and suggestions on your fave vinyl records!!

6. Something I tell people all the time is, rarely take me seriously. If these random thoughts make me sound bitter, I am absolutely not. I like to find humour in life and I suggest you should too! Getting out of your head and just laughing about the ridiculousness of life seriously helps.

7. Mom brain is real… and there should be a support group for that.

8. I may forget a pen for our meeting… but I’ll always have diapers on hand.

9. Accept the ebbs and flows of work flow, and of your own wellness. I have personally struggled with a lot of health issues and drastic life changes likely, and it is ok to slow down. Slowing down is good.

10. Enjoy the little things. My favourite part about being a mother is being able to live vicariously through my children’s eyes. The taste of a bubble gum lollipop and the way the rain smells. One of my goals for 2018 is to embrace my inner child. We are all just pretending to be adults anyway, so why not let go of it all once in a while and just act like kids again. There’s nothing better. I would like to finish this final point off with one of my favourite quotes: “the creative adult is the child who survived.”


Photo Credit | @_sydneydawn