MAD LOVE MONDAY – Julie |Beauty 2 Brows

Meet Julie from Beauty 2 Brows.


With a passion and love for all things beauty, I have spent years in the industry perfecting my trades. As the owner of Beauty and Brows, I am proud to offer my clients the very best in the world of beauty, confidence, Microblading, powdered ombré, tattoo removal, and Advanced esthetics.

My specialty is eyebrows, I love being able to give my clients the Brows they have never had, it’s a real game changer once you have had your eyebrows done by me. I am always learning, paying for training, and always advancing my self in my career to be the best.


Eyebrows is all science, and every client has a different shape to frame there face nicely. I offer brow waxing, brow tints, and like I mentioned before all the latest technology for the eyebrows.

I feel like this day in age, a lot of professionals do not take their jobs seriously, and to me that’s crazy! I fix a lot of people’s bad brow jobs by removing them and giving them the Brows that they love. Remember, Brows always change a woman’s-mans face, they can make you look more elegant or honestly just crazy loco.

Do your research before picking anyone to do your eyebrows, or any beauty services, because you never know who is actually passionate about their jobs. I love helping all my clients feel & look just as good as they feel. My main priority is my clients, everyone who walks through my door always leaves beautiful and satisfied.


Thank You!

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