“WOW” a simple but powerful 3 letter word that we could not stop saying about the turnout of our Spring Mixer! Did you know that this was the biggest YEGBOSSBABES event yet!? We are so excited to share some more details and photos from the evening!

The Foundry Room graciously hosted our event and the staff from the venue was absolutely amazing! They were fun, accommodating and we cannot wait to collaborate with them again in the future! We had some great prizes for our attendees and even better conversations. The room was buzzing with energy and chatter before we even kicked off the evening with our speeches.


YEGBOSSBABE mixers are a time for women in the community to meet like minded individuals across diverse industries who are all doing their best to succeed and grow as business woman and as people. We were so happy to share with our community the story of how YEGBOSSBABES came to be and how far we have grown since September. Grateful is just ONE of the ways we feel when we talk about the evening. Our vision for the YEGBOSSBABES community is coming together through our hard work and the dedication of others who see our vision as well.


To all of our attendees at this mixer and past mixers, THANK-YOU. Thank-you for joining a community that is driven by supporting each other and learning from one another. A community where real talk and genuine conversations are the back bone to making our events such a success every time. You all bring us great support and motivation and we keep working hard to bring you an evolving supportive community that all women in business can relate to.

To our amazing speaker, Courtney Buhler, Founder & CEO of Sugarlash PRO. WOW. We were so spoiled by your genuine presence and priceless advice. We appreciated you sharing your story with us and answering our questions. We were all infatuated to hear about how you built your successful empire and how you still keep your home town HOME. Thank-you!


This was our first event with “official” volunteers – and it was so great to see how many other women were interested in getting involved with YEGBOSSBABES. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our team as it expands with ambassadors and volunteers alike. Thank you to our volunteers, Orlandice, Danae, Glenda, Dianne, and Ashley. The images on this post are beautiful snap shots of our Mixer taken by the talented Ashley Lazette Photography. & Dianne Stainthorp from Small Wave Photography.


We were lucky enough to have Honey Bees Booth on site for our attendees and it did not disappoint! We had so much fun dressing up and being goofy with the beautifully designed magic mirror that was customizable to our event!


Our sponsors – you spoiled our guests and we so thank you for it. Thank you to Tristan from YEG Lash Room for the free set of lashes! And thank you to Justine and her team over at Lipstick Empire for the amazing free facial giveaway.

For all the ladies who attended and were interested in some of the feedback we received here is a list of the FAV YEG HANGS!

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