MAD LOVE MONDAY – Cara Butt | Cara Jane Photographics

DSC_8235.jpgCourtesy of Jenn Pagnucco Photography


I’m Cara. I’m 32 years old, married, and a mom of two little boys. But before I was any of that, I was a photographer. I could say that my photography career started just over 12 years ago when I attended NAIT’s Photographic Technology program, but it actually started about 7 years prior. When I first fell in love with photography, at Linda McCartney’s Photography exhibit.

Through the years my photography career has seen different levels of dedication from me. Sometimes working for others, sometimes doing side jobs for myself. Times when I’d take absolutely any job thrown at me, and times when I’d refuse them all. Then, just over a year ago, something changed. It changed quickly and drastically. I found it – my passion. I started educating myself again. I started connecting with other photographers. I started producing work that really meant something to me. Work that I was incredibly proud of. For the first time ever, I knew what kind of photographer I was. I am a family photographer. I need to capture emotions, connections, love and real moments. I want to create images of how people feel, not of how they look.  And I owe it all to my incredible marriage and to becoming a mommy. It gave me a whole new perspective on what photography is.

So, with new found motivation, I officially started my own business. The timing wasn’t ideal, as I was pregnant with my second son. But I couldn’t wait. I had such momentum that there was no way I was going to slow down! I continued to work on the business side of things after my son arrived and was off to my first shoot only 6 weeks after he was born. I haven’t stopped.


I’m still developing what my goals are for my business. I would love to be able to bring my husband home from Fort Mac one day. But I know I have many goals to reach before that happens. It would sure be amazing though. I want to see what the rest of the year brings and do some more planning after that.

Some of the most beneficial things I’ve learned in the past year is the importance of finding my ideal client and marketing only to them, to not compromise on what it is I offer, and finding my “why”. Let me tell you, these simple things have changed my inquiries from “How much do you charge?” to “Are you available? I want to hire you.” Every single one of my inquiries USED to be “how much?” or people trying to negotiate my price. I can honestly say that with the large majority of my bookings in the past two to three months, there isn’t even any mention of money.  I just send the official quote after booking, and they send me the deposit.


Now even though there is definitely some new-found confidence for me, starting a business doesn’t come without its fair share of self-doubt. Imposter syndrome appears on my door step quite frequently. Not to mention the struggles of trying to balance my business, my kids, my husband, my home, my friends, my fitness… I have no doubt that many of you are nodding your heads. You guys know what I mean. Quite frankly, I have no solution to this. I have no insight I can really offer, because I too, am just trying to figure it all out. Some days are a success, some days I watch the clock for a socially acceptable time to pour a glass of wine. But I will say this: Surround yourself with incredible people. Strong, driven people. People who love you, support you and make you feel at home. People who inspire you and push you. I’m blessed with some pretty amazing people (and amazing photographers!) in my life.

Which brings me to why I am so excited to have found YEGBOSSBABES. What a great way to connect with incredible woman. I know photography, but I really don’t know business. What better way to learn about it then from successful woman who are in business for themselves? I can’t wait to take part in more events!

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me. Please feel free to reach out and connect any time!

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