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Greetings! I’m Amanda Wall and I offer a range of creative services as a contractor and consultant. My services are split between graphic design and illustration.

As a Designer I specialize in brand strategy, identity design, and print materials. Brand strategy is a unique collaborative service I provide. To sum it up, it’s an in person or remote video workshop that I facilitate with a client to clarify purpose, find the business’ personality or voice, better understand customers, and define business goals. The outcome directs the design process in a deliberate and result driven manner.

As an Illustrator I lean towards publishing, editorial, commissioned, and commercial work. I create work with personality, character, and story telling ability. I love working conceptually or within the nonsense genre. I work in both traditional and digital mediums.

I provide effective strategies, powerful identities, memorable assets, and conceptual storytelling. My whole focus is to create meaningful and compelling content that drives positive engagement.

Who are your clients?

My ideal clients are positive, collaborative, and open; people who let passion, not just profit, guide their business. I love working with clients on projects relating to education, social services, health and wellness, sustainability, community, creative services, and anyone generally trying to do good in this world via their business.


Why and how did your business start?

The start of my career required a lot of determination. There were many obstacles to getting quality jobs for reasonable pay; most obviously inexperience, a saturated workforce, and limited positions available. Once I broke in, I took all that I could learn from each position until I obtained the experience needed to consider working for myself.

I wanted to move on from the stagnation I felt in my day to day tasks as an employee. I wanted to control the variety of projects I was a part of. I wanted a work culture that I wasn’t finding as an employee. I also wanted to be home with my emerging family. I slowly readied my business launch during maternity leave from my last employed position.

What is your go to motivational quote?

In recent years I’ve looked to the advice, “Do one thing every day that scares you” from Mary Schmich. With this notion I’ve created a lifestyle of fearlessness. I take every opportunity possible to extend my comfort zone. My business and being has benefited from it. Time and again I’ve created new opportunities and reached new achievements.


What’s your best Boss Babe moment?

I’ve had limited availability since becoming an entrepreneur due to being the primary care giver for my children. My first moment of reassurance was when I extended my part time availability to full time and saw those hours filling. I also felt validated when my income began growing exponentially because of the changes in structure I’d made to my business. These moments were earned because I found a business mentor within my industry, continuously developed my technical skills past post secondary, endured failures, and gave myself permission to throw away all ties to imposter syndrome.

What platform do you find most success?

I am a regular on Instagram (@amandawall_cs) and Facebook (Amanda Wall – Creative Services). I see the importance of being on social media and have even gained a few clients there. I have to say though, that most of my business comes from meeting new people face to face. I always have my ear open for problems that I am able to solve for others. It’s also how I’ve gotten over my distaste for sales. I’ve never wanted to be a salesperson but a problem solver is something I can get behind.

What are you looking for from other YEGBOSSBABES?

I want to make authentic connections with others in the community. I hope to find opportunities to give encouragement and humbly accept it. I want to learn from the different paths each of us has taken. I’d love to provide my services to anyone looking for better visual communication. Feel free to reach out to me or connect with me on social media.

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