My creative grind is my blog where I document my personal style, events, travel destinations, creative projects and my sneaker campaign #ShesGotSoleXO aimed to empower women in sneaker culture (so expect a lot of sneaker content haha). I started this platform four years ago and had no idea what I was doing. I built this blog from the ground up and had to learn how to document my content right down to taking outfit photos on my tripod, landing collaborations on my own and networking with bloggers and brands. I represent the fly girls who love sneakers and refuse to conform to what society deems as “ladylike.” It has not been an easy journey but i am thankful with how far it has gotten me. I’m still learning even to this day. My next venture currently involves dabbling in video content and jumping on the Youtube wave.



My mother! She is an entrepreneur who I watched build her business from the ground up in project management. When you lived with someone for so long and have seen them work their ass off with your own eyes, it adds fuel to your fire. Also surrounding yourself with people who create art. Whether it is music, photography, fashion, podcasts.



Okay this is going to sound corny but as of now my motto has been the Nike slogan which is Just Do It! If you’re afraid to do something, it means you should let go of your ego and do it. Fear is always going to be there and we have to acknowledge that. Enjoy the process and if you fail, pick yourself up and learn from it and try it again.



Of course! And in those moments, I have to remind myself why I started in the first place and have to take a few days to recharge. Sometimes it lasts weeks and even months. I don’t want to be known as the person that gave up.



I would say there was a moment where I was asked to photograph a local event and showcase it on the blog. I was to be there for the entire duration and I knew what I was capable of in terms of my creative writing and photography skills and I requested to be compensated and we negotiated a number that we both agreed upon. In that moment, I knew my skills were valued and I knew what I brought to the table.



Oh gosh there’s alot!
– I watch old 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s music videos and completely lose myself
– I dance around my condo a lot whether im cleaning or just straight up stressed out
– research things on the internet
– read the mantra on my fridge (thanks grandma)
– meditate
– catch up on a book
– flip through old vogue magazines



Teamwork and combining forces to create magic! Whether its a boss babe who is a photographer, marketing guru, stylist, podcaster, and sneaker freak, just being vulnerable and putting myself in a position to learn as much as I can. I like hearing stories about how these powerful women got their start, how they overcame different obstacles leap of faith gives me the courage to step out of my comfort zone even more.



Photo | @jillcoursenphoto

1.       What is your business & why that field / service/ product?

We are the directors of GEL Lashes Canada, a revolutionary new lash lifting system that lifts, curls, and tints the natural lashes while nourishing and strengthening them. We love this product because its keratin and silk peptide infused formula enhance your natural lashes and encourages healthy lash growth. There is no damage/stress to your lashes.

2.       What inspired you to start your own business?

We both had corporate jobs that were draining and unfulfilling.. We have been friends for over 18 years, and both wanted to explore/travel more. We both love beauty and wanted to build something new and exciting together! (IG: @gellashescanada)

Tammy went in to lashing 6 years ago because she has always been obsessed with lashes. She used to write a beauty blog dedicated to reviewing mascaras, and found the market was lacking products that truly enhanced the lashes perfectly. (IG: @lash.bish @keravielashloft)

Natalia got in to permanent makeup because she always valued natural beauty and hoped to find a way to empower people to feel beautiful from the moment they wake up. (IG:

3.       Do you have a go to quote / motto

 Keep your head, heart and lashes lifted!


4.       What’s a personal goal of yours to accomplish? (time frame?)

We are both opening up our own shops!

Tammy – opening up her own shop, Keravie Lash Loft at Kingway Garden Mall on Sep 3.

Natalia – securing a space to grow Studio N this year.

5.       Do you have a professional goal or set of goals for your business?

We want to help people feel confident and carefree, while empowering them to take charge of their life and chase their dreams. For our students, we want to provide them with the best tools possible to be successful and strong business owners.

6.       Why do you love being an entrepreneur?

Because we love travelling, the ability to set our own hours and go on adventures whenever we want is probably the first and foremost reason! Secondly, we are both extremely type A and love bossing each other around haha

7.       Did you ever have a time where you wanted to give up? How did you overcome that feeling?

We are both super motivated and have super high expectations of ourselves, so sometimes when things don’t turn out as well as we had hoped, we both work together on staying positive and figuring out how to improve and tackle the obstacles in our way. Beating yourself up or worrying without formulating a plan is just a waste of energy, so we try to avoid that at all costs.

8.       Whats your best boss babe moment? (First moment of reassurance).

When we first saw the look of happiness and joy on a client who didn’t even know she had lashes! Also, the positive feedback from our students was incredible!


Photo | @jillcoursenphoto

9.       What platform do you find most success / interaction from? (IE. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook).


10.   Work-life Balance: What you do you do to destress? What is your must-have moment of the day (me time)?

We both have an unhealthy obsession with sushi, Little Caesars, puppies and long baths. Ok, but seriously, exercise and learning to laugh at yourself go a long way.

11.   What are you looking to learn from other YEGBOSSBABES in the community?

EVERYTHING! We have had the fortune of meeting people who continually inspire and motivate us to be better, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Natalia & Tammy

image (2)

I did the pros and cons in my head, and I said a quick prayer. Then I jumped in with two feet into a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity. Why? Well, it happened something like this: I tried the product, I loved the product, I couldn’t help telling others about the product. Sharing about it felt natural, orders were coming in organically, and then it dawned on me:

This is working without me even trying … what would happen if I went all in?

Friends, this shift in perspective was the best thing I could have done for myself and for my business. Owning it—setting out with intention and purpose—makes all the difference in business (and in our personal lives too).

I’ll talk goal setting, Facebook workshops, vendor events, and classes another day. Today I want to focus on the core of a thriving MLM business and share with you my top 5 tips for keeping yourself motivated to stay the course.

Know Your “Why”

You can only commit to something you feel deeply passionate about. For me, it’s my kids. I wanted to stay at home with Penny (6) and Max (3.5 … and that .5 is very important to him, so it must be honoured!) I also knew I was leaning into the right opportunity because the company’s values, philosophy, mission, and vision aligned with my own.

Come back to your why when you feel discouraged. Put pictures on your walls, sticky notes on your mirror, or recurring alarms on your phone … whatever it takes to remind yourself that what you’re doing matters.

image (3)

Personal Branding

Let’s keep it real Boss Babes, there are plenty of other people doing what you’re doing. So what will draw people to you? Your personal brand. You’re unique, gifted, and your story matters. Infusing your brand with the essence of you is what sets you apart from the other reps promoting the same or a similar product or service as you. No one else can bring what you bring to the table. No one. I mean that.

Only when you share who you are (rather than what you do) can people like and trust you. Establish a personal relationship with your market and they will find their way to you to get the product or service you love so much and share so authentically. Don’t just inundate social media with product shots—that’s what everybody else is doing. Be authentic, do you instead.

Be Intentional: Take a Moment Before You Say Yes or No

Being intentional and authentic goes beyond branding. Being intentional about what we allow into our lives (and what we don’t) matters. Saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else. When we say yes to Netflix we say no to answering emails, planning our social media feeds, or spending quality time with family and friends. In the same way, saying yes to our businesses means saying no to personal time (or at least some of it).

We all get 24 hours a day, so let’s use them to say yes to the things that matter, to the things that lead us to our ultimate goals. Let’s say no to the things that distract us from our vision for ourselves and for our families.

The tricky part is identifying which opportunities will help you further your goals, and which ones won’t (it’s not always as clear as choosing between Netflix and business planning!) So I caution you to focus and make decisions that serve you best—this looks different for everyone. Your true friends will understand your journey and support you. Your family will thrive because your time together will be intentional, quality time. You can do this. It’s up to you to choose.

Personal Development: Work on You, Boo!

I’m sure you’ve seen the meme:

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

There’s a deep truth to it. Energy attracts like energy. So think about the kind of team you want to lead … who is it made of? What are your people like? What traits do they have?

Then look in the mirror. Do you have the traits you’re looking for in others? Do you practice the habits you’d want them to practice? Walk the walk. Leading by example is imperative in network marketing, just as it is in any endeavour where you hold influence and a place of leadership.

Thriving MLM’s know that their greatest asset isn’t their products, it’s their people. So soak up all the opportunities for personal development on offer. Attend your company’s conventions to learn from and be inspired by the best. Allow yourself to be fed. You’ll become not just a better network marketing professional, but a better leader and a better human being. I would also encourage you not to wait for the annual convention to work on yourself. Personal development is an ongoing process, and as you personally grow and develop, so too will your business.

image (4)

Own It

MLMs are like any other business: Treat it as a hobby, and it’ll pay you back as a hobby. Treat it as a business, and it’ll pay you back as a business. Shifting my perspective from hobby to business took time and thought, and now, having a bird’s eye view on my team, I also see that process unfolding in others. It’s a choice everyone has to make.

By definition you are a business owner once you have signed up just one person to use your product or service.

What is holding you back from calling yourself a business owner? An entrepreneur? It’s easier (aka less scary) to see it as just a fun thing you do on the side, for kicks. I’d like to challenge you to unpack your thinking.

  • Would you like this to be more than just a fun thing?

  • Is it possible for your business to bear fruit for you and remain fun? Why or why not?

  • Would you like to go beyond having your products paid for through this business? Why or why not?

  • What fears can you identify when it comes to owning your own business, and what resources can you tap into to support yourself through this process?

Whether you recognize it or not, you’re a Boss Babe. Time to own it.

What do you think? What holds you back from going all in with your business? What keeps you motivated when things get hard? You are welcome to agree or disagree with me—whatever your view, you are welcome here.

To connect with me and learn more about my business with Young Living Essential Oils, please visit my website,  or find me on Instagram, I’m @fabuliz_agudelo.

*Photo credits: Michelle B., Beau Photography, Dusty Dawn Photography

Beau Photography:

Nicole Constante-2

8 months ago, I moved to Edmonton. That’s usually how my story starts when other people ask me. And I still love how they say, “no way!! SIX MONTHS!” Followed by the question “So how are you liking it?” I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of blabbing about how much I love this city, the opportunities and new perspective it has been giving me.

Before getting here, my parents always told me that life would be so different. That it would bore the frick out of me. So imagine my horror when I landed from that tiny WestJet plane only to see empty roads, dark large fields covered by snow and nothing else? I panicked for a bit. TAKE ME BACK TO MY CITY.

But somehow I knew deep within me that that doesnt have to be my story. This is the greatest adventure I was ever going to take on. My first winter, my first plane ride.. NEW CITY, NEW ME.


I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do. My parents wanted me to finish my school, which didn’t feel right for me.. I wanted to learn by doing. And luckily they trust me to make my own decisions. While I had 99 hobbies, there was 0 plan. I knew what I didn’t want, but not certain of what exactly it was that I wanted.

Except of one thing.

I was sure of the kind of people I want to surround myself with.

I wanted a community.


And it’s funny how when you think you want something, the universe just shows up and takes care of the ‘how’ because that same day, I stumbled upon a facebook ad for an eventbrite link. And then another. And then another. I ended up RSVP’ing for 3 events and I attended my first workshop/networking event only 2 weeks after moving here! THE GUTS. And there Ive met so many people I still keep in touch with and have collaborated in the past!

Jay Shetty, a monk turned motivational speaker and entrepreneur said, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” And so I keep looking at them, especially when I get off track, it’s like a wake up call. I find that it’s when Im surrounded by these people that I’m so inspired to create, to reach my fullest potential, and be the woman I want to become because they prove to me that not only is she possible, but necessary.

The idea of starting a personal brand photography business came to me when I attended my second event. The speaker that day was this beautiful beautiful woman who screamed beauty! and confidence! and power and i-know-the-ish-im-talking about! While watching her talk with passion and certainty,  I could see her heart is fully in it and that she was doing it for more than the superficial. I said to myself “Wow. She’s the kind of person I want to become.” She was a powerhouse woman!

I was just inspired and starstruck, if you will. And if you’re like me, when someone peaks my interest, the first thing I do is stalk their social media.. And so I did. I was so excited I just couldn’t get enough of her energy! And when opened up her instagram, it wasn’t disappointment, but more so I was confused?? Her digital presence wasn’t on par with what I saw in person. Where is the powerhouse woman that I encountered? Her instagram wasn’t doing her justice and I felt frustrated! Haha!

While I knew how successful she already was in her business, I also knew that it could be better. I just wished everyone who stumbled upon her social media also experienced the person that left me in awe and wonder. And that’s how it came to me, “I could help her!” And then that night was a rabbit hole of brand photography.

Nowadays, our business card is our social media, our websites. It’s not everyday that people would stumble upon our shop, see us in action, or watch us on stage speaking, but the chances of them stumbling upon our social media is much higher. And through it, we could reach more people, and serve more people. And so we want to leave a good impression the first time they land on our pages and position ourselves as an expert and a professional in our industry. It breeds trust. And we’re in the era of digital marketing to convey our message, promote our products and tell our brand story.

What inspired me to start and continues to, and also the reason why I love being an entrepreneur is the community. Im so overwhelmed and happy and grateful to be surrounded by people who GET me, have the same mindset and vision and believes in the same things I do.. I love taking photos AND I get to nerd about business and life and be my nosey self with these kind of people all WHILE being of service to them and their business. What did I do to deserve such grace?! I’m just the happiest doing it! Aah.

I think one of my best boss babe moments was when I got my Sigma 24-70 lens and it’s for a number of reasons. First, it was my first big purchase (the biggest so far) with my own money! And second, it symbolized a lot of things for me. One of them is that I trusted myself enough because before getting it I asked so many questions including, “Am I sure about this? Can I be trusted?” It felt like a commitment. And second, it made me proud how brave I was to invest into my business!

lens (1)

Entrepreneurship to me means being able to build something that supports me and allows me to support those I care about. It gives me financial, location and time freedom and allows me to live and embody my values. Most importantly, it keeps me going after growth. There’s so much room for it. I love how there’s always something to work towards and everytime, it forces me to level up.

There was this one time when I came home, locked myself up and cried so hard. The ugly cry. My mom cried with me for hours that night because I couldnt tell her what was the reason and it broke my heart. She couldnt take seeing me cry THAT way that she said “If it only hurts you like that, I’ll just make you go to school and stop what youre doing.” I felt so undervalued and I couldnt hold or look at my camera for the next 3 days. Ive never experienced such pain.

I remember saying “i’ll never do this again..” and then not even a millisecond after that I caught myself answering, “oh come on. Let’s be real here, you’re gonna do this again lol” “That’s true.” (Who else talks to themselves???? And says “lol” out loud? Haha!)

I journaled a lot. And prayed. And meditated. And realised that it was just my ego being bruised, not the end of the world. And if there’s something I shouldnt give up on, it’s my vision.

That’s what I always do, especially when it all feels blurry and messy. My mornings are crucial for me to stay afloat. I always spend the first hour of the day for myself– journaling, listening to preachings/motivational videos, working out, etc. When I fill my own cup first, I have more to pour into others and I am able to show up better for my clients. So having my mornings to myself are non-negotiable. If I have to be on a morning meeting or a shoot, I’ll wake up super extra just so I could still have my me-time. My mornings are mine, always.

I guess I can say that I’m a very goal and results oriented person so I always have something I aim towards. I set goals for every area of my life including my relationships, health and fitness, career, finances, etc. And I come back to them every week and at the end of every month. I’m still figuring it out as I go, so even though I have this clear vision of who I wanna be in 10 years time, I still allow myself to play, experiment and course correct along the way.

Nicole Constante

For my business, my goal is to learn from as many people as possible and create genuine connections, hence why I’m doing my blog series Women To Watch Wednesdays. Id love to do more of that and be more consistent with it in the coming weeks. There are so many people I keep finding on Instagram that I want to meet and whose mindset I want to explore.

That’s why Instagram is my favorite social media! I feel like my people, my tribe, hang out there and it proves true every time. It also allows me to build my personal brand, tell stories, showcase my work and at the same time, show up as myself in the Instagram Stories! Haha! I love planning and curating content for it, writing my long chatty captions, and connecting with people!

Instagram connects me with other #yegbossbabes. It’s my first window to their business, how they run it and who they are as a person. It lets me learn from and ABOUT them.  I didnt come from a business-minded family so my hunger for community is just over the top. I love watching them hone their craft and seeing how their story unfolds. Learning about their mindset, work ethics, values and (for someone who loves being a tourist in her city) even their go-to coffeeshop, I’m all for it!! I just wanna meet more people. That would be the real adventure.

Thank you for reading. And to @yegbossbabes, thank you for the opportunity to share my story with others. If it helps inspire 1 person, I did my job. 🙂 I guess I’ll end this with my favorite catch phrase, my go-to cheer, and my motto for life,


Photo by Shantal Marie Creative

Hello! My name is Shannon Vizeau and I am a family and children’s lifestyle
photographer. Although I have only been in business for myself for 2 years,
photography has always been a constant in my life. I remember in seventh grade
learning how to use a darkroom to develop film, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I
have always been creative and loved drawing but there was something about seeing an
image come to life in a photograph! Time passed and I ended up going to school for
Graphic Design and Fine Art in Medicine Hat, Alberta – although my focus wasn’t on
photography, I took as many classes in photography as I could during that time. I then
went on to take Technical Theatre at Mount Royal College in Calgary. Through all of my
years of schooling, I never really felt like my heart was fully in it, and I floundered a bit
after graduation when I moved home. The one thing that I never gave up on was taking
photographs. I packed around my Dad’s old Canon TLb film camera, taking photos
where ever I could. I think he has given up on the fact that he will never get that old
camera back! 😉

Realizing that I should really be an adult, I got a job. So once again throughout my
different job choices over the years I never felt content or that it was what I was meant
to be doing. I wanted to be doing something creative which lead me to getting a job at a
Photo studio in West Edmonton Mall, I loved it! It wasn’t your classic portrait studio and I
could feel my creative side starting to resurface. Sadly the company didn’t last long, I
was able to find another photography job but on the editing side of things. Fast forward
to 3 years ago, I was off work on maternity leave with my second child. I had been
taking photos here and there for friends and family, never thinking I could actually go
anywhere with it. After a lot of encouragement from my husband, friends and family I got my business license upgraded my equipment and Shannon Vizeau Photography was

Image 1_Shannon Vizeau.jpg

After having my son, I was able to stay home full time. I feel incredibly lucky to be able
to do this. I went back to work after I had my daughter, so this has been a pretty
amazing experience being home with him. Not always easy, don’t get me wrong! There
are tough days for sure. I don’t know if it’s because he’s my last baby or because I can
see how fast time is going, I want to document everything, all the little details. I started
doing a 365 day project and I focused on different lighting in my home throughout the
day. Using my kids as my subject, something clicked. I started creating interesting
images for myself that made my creative heart sing. I began wanting to translate this to
my family sessions. During that time I also attended a workshop called ‘Life Unposed’
hosted by Shantal Marie Creative. Meeting Shantal, and the 4 other photographers was
such an amazing experience. Not only did I learn a lot, make new friends in the industry,
but it reaffirmed the type of images I want to create – ones with connection and

I had the chance to be a part of a newborn photoshoot a little over 6 months ago, not
only was this photo shoot for one of my very best friends, but she is also a very talented
photographer. I was a little nervous to say the least! But that photo shoot is one that I
am very proud of. I captured the emotion and connection I had always wanted to portray
in my photographs.

Image 2_Shannon Vizeau.jpg

That’s why I love photographing families and children. Capturing those little moments
and details is so important. Laughter, joy, (sometimes tears) little hands and feet, a
small caress or a sweet little hug. I know as a Mom I will love looking back at all the
photos of my kids and remember what it felt like in that moment. I love having the ability to capture these memories for others.

I have a lot to learn on the business side of things, my creative side takes over and I
forget that there’s a whole other aspect to this whole entrepreneurial world! (insert face
palm emoji here!) I often have to be reminded that it can be a slow growth. I just get so
excited to take photos that I want to be doing it all the time! So, slow steps keep working
hard and pushing forward. It’s easy to want to just give up at times. Being so new in the
industry professionally, I have moments of self-doubt quite often, moments when I feel
like an imposter. Why would people get me to take their photos when there are so many
talented photographers out there?!

‘What if I fall? Oh my darling, what if you fly’- Erin Hanson.

I often think of this quote when it comes to my daughter but it speaks loudly to me also. In times like this I pick up my camera and keep going. I go back to my 365 project and take photos for myself. I am lucky that I have a lot of support, my husband, friends and my photog tribe. They push me to keep going. I love learning so I am constantly watching videos, reading or taking online courses about different aspects of photography.

abstract board game bundle business
Photo by Pixabay on

Instagram has been a really fun platform for me to share my work. I really enjoy being
part of the photography community, seeing other photographers work is a great
motivation and inspiration. I know that there are still a lot of tips and tricks I can be using to boost up my presence on Facebook but honestly my days go fast and I can be a bit of a procrastinator. It’s hard to focus everyday on all aspects that are required to run a business from home. Blogging, live posts, stories, editing, updating my website…it can
become very overwhelming, especially when you have a 3 year old asking you to play
all day! The mom side usually wins out which in turn means late hours into the night
trying to catch up on work. Times that I really need to focus, grandparents are usually
more than happy to occupy my kids’ time 😉

I am so happy to be a part of this YEGBOSSBABES community! It was such an
awesome experience being at the Spring Mixer. Meeting other women running their own
businesses was an inspiration. Knowing that no matter what industry you’re in there are
always struggles but in return there are successes, and that’s something to look forward
to. ❤

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me!

Instagram – @shannonvizeauphotography
Facebook – Shannon Vizeau Photography
Website –