MAD LOVE MONDAY – Jocelyn Davison | The Virtual Effect

Jocelyn Davison was nominated by us here at YEGBOSSBABES and Danielle Dugan of Etched in Marketing. As a valuable member of our Ambassador Program here at YEGBOSSBABES, we are proud to be featuring this talented entrepreneur. Here is what Danielle shared with us about Jocelyn:

“[Jocelyn] is one of the most positive, encouraging, and supportive people I have ever met. In the just under a year that I’ve known her, she has not built up her business (which she’s been hustling hard on), she has worked to help build connections and a community among Edmonton female entrepreneurs. I feel like she always has something new and exciting going on but never brags about it (although she should since it’s all due to her skill and hard work) and instead is always asking about and building up those around her. Basically, Jocelyn is amazing!” 


Jocelyn Laughing.png
Lady Luck Studio Photography


What a difference a year makes.  I look back at myself last year at this time when I was at my lowest point, and I don’t recognize myself.  I loved my comfort zone and loved it for far too long. Loved it to the point that in my late thirties, which I know is still young….right??  I was simply going through the motions of daily life and not really challenging myself in any way or seeking new and heightened levels of enjoyment.  Before recognizing this everything was flowing smoothly, as it should when you are operating within your perfectly controlled comfort zone, but then something shifted or changed or maybe I just woke up and realized I wanted, and was capable, of so much more. I was living below my potential, which at the end of the day or the end of one’s life, is a heartbreaking realization to come to, at least mine came to me while I still had plenty of time to change it.


Want to know the funny thing, I thought everything was flowing smoothly as I said above, but it wasn’t, my life was falling apart around me and I was a shell of who I used to be.  So in retrospect, nothing was flowing smoothly and I will forever be grateful for the wake up, shake up, and true path I fought with all my heart to walk.


Starting my own business, doing what I love, has opened my eyes and my heart to be my true self and to show up for the world and everyone in my life in a much bigger capacity than I ever thought possible.

Work Image.png

My business, my professional heart and soul, The Virtual Effect, at the surface provides event planning and branding services to businesses.  But it goes so much deeper than that. I connect with brave souls who have taken the leap to pursue their passion, who have been inspired to achieve more in this world, give back to our community, and make an impact and a difference with every client they touch.  I get to hear and understand the stories behind many incredible businesses and then create an experience for their market, whether through events or brand development, to enable them to communicate their business soul in a real and authentic way.


The Edmonton entrepreneur scene is one of support, collaboration, inspiration, and drive.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of it and share in the experiences of those living in their truth and pursuing what they love.  I promise you when I say there has not been a day that has passed since I left my job and went full-time into my business that I have not expressed gratitude for this experience I am having.  I get to curate beautiful experiences by weaving a brand’s story into events so that is a seamless journey for the guest. I get to dive to the depths of businesses to create a foundation for brands to be effectively and authentically communicated.  I get to work with people who fill my cup and inspire me in all that I do.

Photo | Nicole Constante

I am no longer the person who wishes for change or opportunities, I am the person who creates them.  Beautiful communities like the one created by YEGBOSSBABES have been an absolute gift and spark for me in my journey.  Connecting with women who think like you do, who operate on the same vibration, and who truly want to celebrate in your successes and hold you up through your challenges are the solid foundation we all need to achieve all that we are capable of and more.  For those I have yet to meet, I can’t wait, and YEGBOSSBABES, thank you for creating this community!

 Take it from the former Queen of Comfort Zones, that while safe, nothing happens there. So whether it’s a baby step outside it or a massive leap of faith, make the decision to try and see what happens, because I believe you will find out that you are capable of so much more.  

-Jocelyn Davison


See more of Jocelyn and the Viritual Effect on Instagram or say Hi to her at upcoming events!

Learn more on how you can get involved by becoming a YBB Volunteer or Ambassador by sending us an email (

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