TIPSY TUESDAY - Thank you Jillian Harris



Okay, Tipsy Tuesday really can mean one of two things for us boss babes: Receive a tip every Tuesday from #YEGBOSSBABES or go ahead and crack that bottle. Personally, we rally around both ideas. Sometimes some of our BEST ideas can come from a sip session with wine.. I am sure you have had that moment like us too! It's your very own EUREKA moment. So on that note, we welcome Tipsy Tuesday!

This is a tip I received when listening to Jillian Harris on PRIV Talks podcast. We highly recommend you join the Podcast world if you have not already. It is a perfect way to fit in learning while on the go. And when I say on-the-go I really mean driving around YEG, bus trips on your commute, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, etc. etc. The list just goes on and on about how and where I fit in Podcasts. For example, right now I am listening to a podcast about "What really happened" to Britney Spears during her shaving-off-her-hair phase in life. I shushed my fiance because I was that into it. Poor guy was just trying to get a word in after he came home from a day of work - BUT NO - I was that much on edge and so into it. Here's the link (I am sure you will find the same enjoyment). Don't you worry - we will be posting a great list of Podcasts we are obsessed with in the future to help you get started.

Jillian Harris uses PLANOLY  for scheduling her posts on Instagram. There are some great features to this app/desktop site: You can pre-screen future posts and see them side by side your current posts. It helps create your beautiful aesthetic of your account page better. Also, it sends you reminders on your phone of scheduled posts you have planned prior. AKA. you are out on the town on a Friday night with friends - you get your reminder and post your well thought out, pretty post during prime traffic time in seconds! Here is your cherry on top: They have a FREE account version!

We hope you enjoyed our first ever TIPSY TUESDAY! See you next Tuesday for another tip from a fellow #yegbossbabe. XO

PS. We still have spots open for our December 7th Sip&Support event! Here's the link!