Date Night

Date Night

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Tipsy Tuesday can mean one of two things for us boss babes: Receive a tip every Tuesday from #YEGBOSSBABES or go ahead and crack that bottle. Personally, we rally around both ideas.

This is a tip about planning DATE NIGHTS in YEG. We found an awesome one stop shop for all your future date nights! @YEG.DATE has some amazing events listed on their eventbrite page, a calendar of upcoming events, cheap eats & much more!

Us busy BOSS BABES can totally benefit from a simple date night out. Whether you are planning a night our with your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, son etc. you will be sure to find something fun in YEG!

I will personally be keeping an eye out for another BEATS & EATS Brunch style event for the hubby and I! What are you into?

We hope you enjoyed our TIPSY TUESDAY! See you next Tuesday for another tip from a fellow #yegbossbabe. XO