TIPSY TUESDAY - Healing Stones

Healing Stones All BossBabes Should Have

Written by Kate Ko (Tinyzen Jewelry)

Howlite - Beautiful Mind Mala

Howlite - Beautiful Mind Mala

If you were to have asked me few years ago to write about healing stones for business, I would have laughed and said “Who? Me ?”. I was not a person who could talk about it.

But, being pregnant with my son changed everything. People always talk about only beautiful things about being pregnant, but I can say to you “IT IS NOT EASY”. It is tough, but we do it because it is more than worth it.

I had several complications when I was pregnant so had lots of time to stay at home alone. I was so sad and depressed. I needed to find something to control my emotions and hormones, and I started making Mala necklaces with natural stones. One day, my husband told me I seemed much happier and more calm after working with stones. Yes! I did! That’s how I started believing in stones healing properties and started my Tinyzen Jewelry business.

Do you believe stones have healing properties? If you do, this post will be just right for you! If you don’t, it is ok! You don’t need to. But what are you going to lose if you have some stones believed to help you and your business!

1> When you feel overwhelmed in time management – Blue Apatite

Goal Achievement Mala

Goal Achievement Mala

Owning a business means you need to commit 24 hours for 7 days. Even though you are a very organized person, you may feel overwhelmed for doing everything on your own sometimes. If you do, blue Apatite is the right stone for you.

Blue Apatite is an excellent stone in time management. As a motivational stone, it helps you to achieve your goals to promote independence and ambitiousness. Especially, if you work in business consultants, accounts or investment, this stone will work even better.

2> When you doubt yourself for success – Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli.JPG

Lapis Lazuli.JPG

Do you have self doubt the same way I do?  One day I feel I am full of confidence and think I am going to be very successful!! Another day, I doubt myself and keep asking if I am going to make it. Whenever I lose my confidence, I always wear jewelry made with one of my favourite stones, Lapis Lazuli.

This is a great stone to promote your self-esteem. It helps you to focus on something you really need to and brings clarity in your thoughts. It also quickly releases the stress and brings deep peace of mind.

3> When your business doesn’t work well - Citrine

I guess businesses have small bumps on the way. If your business doesn’t work, then you may want to have Citrine, the merchant’s stone.

It will promote success and abundance in yourbusiness and help you protect your wealth.

4> When you feel stressed and anxious or when you meet rude customers

– Howlite, Amazonite

Amazonite - Clarity Mala

Amazonite - Clarity Mala

Feeling stressed and anxious is very normal. Especially, owning a business demands lots of responsibilities. I always try to enjoy the moments and focus why I am doing this, but sometimes, it is not easy to control my mind. When I can’t control my emotions, I usually wear howlite or amazonite.

Howlite and Amazonite are very calming stones used to release stress. Howlite is one of the popular stones these days, and it is great to reduce anxiety and tensions. Amazonite has healing powers to heal emotional issues. Also, it  sooth energies at work and helps to relieve stress.

5> Lastly I would like to mention the Lava stone 

Lava - Calming and Protection Mala.JPG

Lava - Calming and Protection Mala.JPG

Lava stone is very popular as diffuser jewelry. These days, I am so into essential oils. Putting Lemon oil in the morning and Lavender at night on my jewelry became my daily routine. Other than using the Lava stone as a diffuser it also promotes strength, courage, protection and helps to control emotions. 

You started your own business because it is your passion or dream, and because it makes you smile. Being patient and waiting in uncertainty are very tough. Sometimes, we doubt ourselves, question our work and feel pressure. But, I hope you remember this, "If we don’t believe in ourselves and our work, nothing will happen".  If you have a chance to wear these gemstones I mentioned above, please believe the stone is going to help you to reach a goal in your beautiful journey, then enjoy positive energy from the nature.

With Lots of Love,

Kate Ko

Tinyzen Jewelry 

photo cred | Tracey Jazmin