TIPSY TUESDAY | Podcasts we are digging at the moment



No matter what your company is about, you can find comfort during those long drives between clients, long editing sessions, making sessions, etc. in podcasts. Some of these podcasts are educational  for bossbabes while others are just pure entertainment. To save you time trying to find a podcast worth downloading, we are here to share our experiences so far with podcasts we can't get enough of. Here is a list of podcasts we are digging at the moment.

Laugh out Loud:

This is the newest podcast on our list but with some of the most entertaining guests, like Kristen Bell and Ashton Kutcher, just to name a few. It's funny, personable and gets guests talking about relatable topics.

A longtime fav podcast of mine because of the really neat concept: Celebrity guests, Anna Faris and her good friend Sim and at the end of each podcast, they all provide strangers advice on their relationships in life. Super relatable and just full of really great vibes. Anna is such a homegirl.

Listening to home town fav, Kaitlyn Bristowe on her podcasts is like sitting down with wine and your girlfriends and laughing your a** off for an hour. It's hilarious girl talk.

One of Amy's favs to listen to while driving or working, is local DJs podcast, Ryder & Lisa from HOT 107. Keep your day going with this light and funny podcasts from two hilarious Edmontonians.

This gang has different personalities with such diverse guests, there is always an episode for every girl. While they can be obnoxious, they cover great topics while keeping down to earth and sometimes - just plain raunchy. A good laugh for all in need. indeed..

Bossbabe Vibes:

"Airing twice a week, She’s Building Her Empire will help you follow you purpose, blaze the trail and build or expand your business empire – without running yourself into the ground. From Mindset and Productivity to Branding and 7-figure Business Systems & Strategies, listen to what tickles your fancy." - She's Building Her Empire Website

Make your dreams and reality with the help of this inspiring podcast! Listen to men and women tell their true stories, get life hacks that lead to success, and listen to questions answered by other entrepreneurs. Learn, learn, learn.

Canadian girls sharing their journey in the retail world. Better yet, there are Western Canadian women killing it! With great conversation and guests, you will for sure learn something new. The vibe is very inspirational as well - babes who really support other babes.

Binge Worthy:

I have this thing for crime podcasts - and it all started with this podcast.. It was so good and happened to heat up this case that is over 12 years old... No spoilers. I will leave you with that..

Christopher Goffard, from LA Times, tells this true story while interviewing the people involved. It takes turns you did not see coming - so it is perfect for a long drive or long evening working away!

This podcasts made plenty of Best of 2017 lists and that's simply why I tried it.. I am so happy I did. It is a story that takes turns and reveals so much about the human condition. I don't want to spoil it, but just trust me when I say, it is worth listening to from begining to end. *I do recommend lightening things up here and there with a podcast from our Laugh Out Loud section while listening to this podcast.

Because I found such obsession in Up & Vanished, creator Payne Lindsey cracks open an even older case (40 years ago) and investigates it as he creates his episodes. This crime is Atlanta's darkest secret, and it seems to still have a lot of questions still remaining.

We hope you find great new podcasts from our list! Let us know your thoughts on these podcasts and if you have any favourites you would like to share with our #YEGBOSSBABES community! Comment below!