MAD LOVE MONDAY - Nicole Taylor | TR Event Management

My name is Nicole Taylor and I am the Owner of TR Event Management. We are a Wedding & Event Planning Company in Edmonton. Way back when I started TR Event Management I never dreamed it would be what it is today, nor I would have gotten big enough to have a team behind me, but here we are, a team of two coordinators, and eight in total handling major event set ups and I am still in love with this company as ever! I knew I didn’t want to go back to a full time job after my son, so I put it all into TR Event Management and over the past couple years it has only gotten better! We have been apart of small events of 10, and our biggest wedding guest count was 550! If you had told me when I started I would be working with an event that size I wouldn’t have believed you. My absolute favorite thing about this job is meeting the amazing people I have met, clients, and industry partners have turned into incredible friends and for that I could myself lucky! In my career to date I have been apart of over 25 weddings, and so many other special days and events!



We decided this feature would be the perfect place to share some tips and tricks for Event Planning. Whether you are planning a kids birthday party, a wedding or anything in between there are some little tricks I have picked up along the way.

  1. Lists – They are your friend, Guest Lists, Items to buy lists, Checklists – trust me I have them everywhere and probably drive my poor husband crazy with my OCD and lists!

  2. Timelines! – Make yourself a realistic timeline and try your best to stick to it! For larger events like weddings, include things like the vendors you need to book, deposit due dates, and everything in between! For smaller events you can do a condensed version of this paired with those lists knowing you may not need to have as lengthy of timeline but trust me they help! Timelines are also very important for the day of your event. They keep you on track and keep your day flowing.

  3. Take time away from planning for fun. It can take a lot of hours to plan a wedding or event, so be sure to have some me time in between, Go on dates with your soon to be partner! Have a girls night with your friends, or take an afternoon at the spa by yourself! Don’t let what is to be such a special day overwhelm you, it can happen easily. Paired with that take the help offered. If you have DIY projects, take up bridesmaids, and family on the offers to help! You will thank yourself.

  4. Choose your vision and let yourself stick to it! In Wedding Planning you and your partner may get varying opinions on details, but remember the day is about the two of you. Don’t let the thoughts of others sway your vision!

  5. CONTRACTS! This I cannot stress enough. In my industry I have heard horror stories of vendors not fulfilling promised duties! Meet with vendors, do your research, read reviews and make sure you click. You want to work with a photographer that makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You want a DJ that will keep your dance floor full. You want food that will have people talking for weeks to come! From all that you want all details outlined in a contract!

Events like weddings are once in a lifetime. Above all enjoy the process of planning because I promise you will blink and it will all be over. You will have those photos and memories to look back on always, but if you are stressed the whole way through it will be what you remember! I always tell my couples 99% of things that go wrong on the day will go un noticed even by you if you are focused on and enjoying your surroundings! Happy Planning!

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