TIPSY TUESDAY – Finding Balance with Laura Poburan | L2 Fitness



As a fellow female entrepreneur, I understand how it sometimes feels to put yourself last in order to one day hopefully be able to put yourself…not last. How many times in a week do you say: “sure, what’s one more thing, I’d love to…” or “of course I can do that for you…” or “I’d love to help…”

Something I have learned (the hard way) is that in order to make a powerful impact, you have to first be powerful. And nothing sucks your power cup dry faster than over stretching and remaining naïve to your boundaries. You feel this unavoidable urge to take it all on, “give me more, I can handle anything!” you think to yourself. While this is noble, and badass, do you know what is even MORE badass?

Learning when it’s okay to say no.

Knowing that by valuing your health, your sanity and your instincts this doesn’t mean by default you are devaluing those of others.

You have a lot to give to the world, but what good is that gift if at the end of the day you are left a puddle on the floor completely drained of your passion, energy, and resilience?

Something I learned the hard way is to be ruthless with your time. What are the projects that you are passionate about? What are the ones that serve your bigger vision and align you with those people who lift you up and drive your momentum? Those are the ones to give energy to.

There will always be commitments you make to others that don’t exactly float your boat, but at some level they need to serve a higher purpose or else these are going to become your downfall.

Saying “yes” to things that slow your momentum and don’t serve your goals can be draining as an entrepreneur. You have BIG goals – I know you do, because we’re the same, you and I. If you’re too busy making the goals of others happen, when are you going to have the time and energy to give to your own future?

This may sound selfish, but the truth is that it’s really not. If you’re in the business of people (and I would argue no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of people) your entire day revolves around working to help others within the realm of what you love to do. The more “yes’” you say to tasks that don’t move you forward, the further you move away from the focus you need to reach your lofty, meaningful goals.


In our world, achieving balance is a whole other job - just like managing our social media accounts, am I right, or am I right? So how do we do this?

  1. Planning the week out is key for me. I block out chunks of time for designated tasks every day, I plan my weeks ahead of time so I always know what is coming up, but most importantly this allows me to see if I realistically can take more onto my plate or not, when asked. This keeps me from over-extending, setting boundaries, and managing my time the most effectively.

  2. I then take this one step further and plan my “weekends” (aka the 6 hours on Sunday that I’m currently not working ha!) as well. What key relationships do I want to work on this weekend? Who do I want to connect with and how? What will I do to fill up MY cup and rest so I can continue in ruthless pursuit of my dreams? These are all just as important as being productive day after day. After-all, if these fall by the wayside, what is it you’re working so hard for?

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