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Perky Athletics is an App created by hometown girl, Rebecca Perkins, designed to bring fitness class clients, instructors and motivators together on one platform. Female app creators can seem to be few and far between, so we got to know her vision, goals, and reality behind her startup.

1. What is your business?

Perky Athletics! Perky is a website and app that helps people find and sign up for a variety of affordable fitness classes.

For fitness instructors and motivators, this is a platform for them to become their own boss. We help them find participants for their classes.

We remove the middleman of a studio. Motivators can set the venue, such as a park, condo, gym or community hall and create their classes.

We are creating a fitness community by connecting people to people.. and are just about ready to launch!



2. What inspired Perky?

Well two reasons.

Firstly, I wanted a platform where instructors, trainers, leaders and adventurers can be their own boss. They can stop being paid an hourly wage; they can earn based on the revenue they generate. They choose the class, time, location and cost per person. I want them to be able to be entrepreneurs.

The second reason is for the participants. This platform will create fitness classes that are affordable. Fitness can be expensive and I want to help create fitness and adventure classes that are accessible to all!

3.  What is with the name Perky?

It was actually so difficult coming up with a name! I played around with a lot of different fitness related names. Nothing was memorable. I wanted something random, high energy and catchy. One of my friends mentioned jokingly said it should be Perky and here we are! Yes, it also happens to be a play off of my name. ;)

4. What kinds of classes can we sign up for on Perky?

This is the fun part.. the options are endless! Literally any sport, activity or workout class you can think of, can be taught here. Both certified and non-certified motivators are welcome. If certified, credentials will be highlighted on their profile for participants to view. However, if you are just a great runner and want to set up a running group, go for it!

5. What are your Perky Goals?

The website and app are still a work in progress. My goal is to have everything complete in the first half of this year! I am going to open the site up to motivators to establish a solid base, then a few months later I all you lovely YEGBOSSBABES can start signing up for classes. :)

Perky Pic 2

Perky Pic 2

6. What do you want to accomplish?Of course I fully am committed to promoting fitness as a way to achieve overall personal wellbeing and happiness! However, Perky is also about being brave. It isn’t easy to try a new activity or class that is unfamiliar. Just showing up for a fitness class is increasingly intimidating.I want to help YEGBOSSBABES be brave. If we can brave here, show up and try new adventures, you are going to take this bravery with you outside of the class and into your day-to-day life. There are so many things I could learn and try, but it’s scary. While signing up for a bootcamp or yoga class excites me, the idea of taking a swimming class or a hockey lesson makes me nervous. I want this platform to make it easy to push us all out of our comfort zone. Let’s be BRAVE together.

7. What do you do to de-stress?haha… I guess it may be obvious but I workout to de-stress! Nothing like a good sweat to get our of your head! If not through working out, I destress by being around my family and friends. I have a wonderful network of people who help me de-stress just with their presence!

8. Have you ever had a time where you wanted to give up?

Of course!

Then I remember Perky is about being brave. So I better be a good role model and follow my own advice! App/web development is something I was unfamiliar with, so I have been learning on the go. What I have realized is that you have to put your confidence aside. Admit what you don’t know and ask questions. You will figure it out. :)



9. What is your favourite thing about YEGBOSSBABES?

I am a born and raised Edmontonian. I know how inspiring and motivating the women in this city can be. I am so excited for YEGBOSSBABES to continue to grow and create a powerful network where women can collaborate and support one another. I also want Perky to help YEGBOSSBABES become their own boss! All of you fitness motivators, use this to take control of your life.

10. What do you love most about Edmonton?

Edmonton is such a wonderful city. Growing up there I took for granted how amazing the river valley is.. YEGBOSSBABES when I come to visit this summer I will most definitely be attending Perky workouts with you all in the valley! P.S. motivators take advantage of that venue… also Hawrelak park is just perfect! Aw! I need to book a flight to Edmonton now.

11. Do you have a favourite quote:

I do because I can. One of past managers lives by this saying and I love it.

12. What have you learned creating an app that you did not expect?

When I first started working with the team, my primary concern was with the look and feel of the app. I collected countless apps and websites to analyze the “vibe” and what I wanted to mimic. Don’t get me wrong, this is important, but what I have learned is my number one priority is to make the website and app simple and as user friendly as possible. You can contemplate the placement of a logo all day, but what matters is the flow. If I had know this today I would have shifted look and feel to my second priority! I think we are at a good place with a nice balance of both. When it launches .. you can tell me ;)

13. What is your advice to a YEGBOSSBABE who is interested in developing an App?

I think generally people shy away from creating apps because if you don’t have a background on the subject matter it can seem daunting. My best advice is not to be afraid to admit what you don’t know. If you are hiring someone to develop the app for you, make sure you are comfortable with them and that they are a good fit, as you will be working very closely with them. Never be afraid to ask them for clarity or to explain a process. Honestly,  google can help you out with pretty much everything.

Talking openly about the problems I face with Perky has also pleasantly surprised me. The random pieces of knowledge, advice, or even contacts that your friends and family may help guide you in the right direction!

Can’t wait to see you all outthere you Perky YEGBOSSBABES <3

If you are in the fitness industry and are looking for a unique and effective way to gain more clients, get in touch with Perky!

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