MAD LOVE MONDAY - Jessica Franks| Saradee Hair Salon

Sarafee Logo - Black

Sarafee Logo - Black

1.) What is your business & why that field/service/product?

My business is Hair; I have loved, and lived this industry for 20 years now.

My business is also people.

I love people… all people, especially my clients, being able to do what I love, with who I love is something that I am so thankful for each and every day.

2.) What inspired you to start your own business?

Starting my business was something that just happened, due to circumstances, and availability to find somewhere that filled my needs as an individual. With two small children I needed flexibility, and to be my own boss. So the salon’s first location opened 7 years ago in Leduc in 2011.



3.) Do you have a go to quote/motto?

Yes we do as a group, ‘TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK’ A bit cheesy, but we love it! Lol

This comes from a good place, as a hair salon, some days it can get quite crazy hectic in there, and instead of letting another stylist get overwhelmed, because they cant keep up, we help each other. We wash their bowls, or wash their client, get coffee, tea, or water for each other’s clients. We work as a team, and we do it together.

It warms my heart when my staff are saying this motto throughout a busy day… lol



4.) What’s a personal goal of yours to accomplish? (Time frame?)

This is a hard one; I have so many… the one I should do is.

To take better care of myself, take time for myself.

5.) Do you have a professional goal or set of goals for your business?

I would love nothing more than to see all of my staff build their clientele up, and for all be busy every single day at the salon. Busy days go fast, and it makes work really fun. And the stylists growing their clientele ensures their success, but it also ensures the salons success as well.



6.) Why do you love being an entrepreneur?

It gives me the freedom to be creative, and showcase my talents, and I can teach my staff to love what they do even more than they already do, and give them more knowledge with PK classes, and hands on skills training, to be better at their craft as well.

7.) Did you ever have a time where you wanted to give up? How did you overcome that feeling?

Yes, when my Mom passed away from Cancer in December of 2014, losing her was the most devastating thing that has happened to me. It was hard watching her lose her battle, in a most horrific traumatizing way. And then the months to follow after she was gone, I couldn’t work, it was really bad. I was overcome with grief.

I eventually, just started going back to work, bit by bit, and slowly was able to get back to my full time days. If it wasn’t for the family, friends, and great staff that I had surrounding me, I might have just given up.

I also know that my Mom was pushing me from the other side to get up, and keep going, she would not of been ok with me giving up. But not going to lie, it was not easy. And some days are still very hard.



8.) What’s your Best Boss Babe moment? (First Moment of Reassurance)

There are many first Best Boss Moments…

One would be during the first year, the first time in a month when I paid all my bills and there was still money in the bank account.

When I hired my first employee.

When I had my very first Christmas Staff Party.

When I see a stylist get her very first commission paycheck.

When my staff or salon get back great reviews or raves from our clients.

Lots of really great moments…

My latest, is Opening the New Saradee Salon location in October 2017.

9.) What platforms do you find most success/interaction/from? (IE. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook).

We use all of them. We most definitely see and use social media as a tool. Clients bring in photos as their inspiration pictures, and then we LOVE showing off our work on our social media after we are done doing the clients hair.

10.) Work-life Balance: What do you do to distress? What is your moment of the day (me time)?

This is not something I have much time for, I am trying to get better at scheduling myself some time, but with working, being a business owner, and having a daughter that dances every evening it proves to be a difficult task.

Sundays seem to be my sacred family day and my quiet time.



11.) What are you looking to learn form other YEGBOSSBABES in the community?

I love the VIBE that YEGBOSSBABES has, and I love the community spirit it encourages.

That we as women can empower each other, and encourage each other’s success, and help support each other’s dreams.

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