MAD LOVE MONDAY - Chris Ricke | The Whitewood Barn


1. What is your business?

The Whitewood Barn wedding and event centre in Leduc County.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?

I was inspired to create the Whitewood by the creativity that is available in local talent and passionate entrepreneurs in our community. The Whitewood’s foundation will be built on partnerships and passion of providing that special “Best Day Ever”! The Whitewood will provide a rustic, elegant comfortable place for all celebrations and to create life long memories.



3. Do you have a go to motto?

Simplify, with elegance, comfort and passion

4. What is a personal goal of yours?

I want to become social media savvy. In charge of my expression and vision.



5. What is a professional goal of yours?

To be debt free in 5 years, while encouraging growth of celebrations.

6. Why do you love being an entreprenuer?

I love choosing everyday what I do and creating daily challenge.

7. Have you ever had a time where you wanted to give up?

Absolutely! I overcame the desire of giving up by putting myself in positive networks of the industry I was trying to enter.

8. Whats your best boss babe moment?

Purchasing the venue property!



9. Whats your favourite platform to use?

Instagram & Wedding Wire

10. What is your must have moment of the day (me time)?

My morning coffee and touch base day.

11. What are looking forward to in the Yegbossbabe community?

Networking and surrounding myself with passionate, strong positive minds with a drive for growth and kindness.

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