The struggle is real girls. Being a business owner is one of the hardest things ever. And the crazy thing is, no one understands it. I think more than ever, being a business owner or entrepreneur is so glamorized. More people are doing it, more people are dreaming of doing it; but they don’t know the struggles.

‘Normal’ people go to work, then they get to go home and leave work at work. They get a paycheque without any other thought going into it. Unless maybe they’re thinking about asking for a raise.

Business owners not only half the time DON’T pay themselves, they put money INTO their business.

Why? You might ask?!

Because that’s what we do to see our dream turn into a reality. It's how we grow. It’s what we do because we can’t imagine anything else. We do it because we want more. We want things on our own terms, done on our own timeline, in our own way. Working 9-5, collecting a paycheque just isn’t an option for us.

Sometimes friends & family don’t understand when we say, ‘I can’t, I have to work.’ No one but you sees the behind the scenes effort. And that’s okay because you don’t need glory for it, you need time.

If you’re a one woman show, LET ME APPLAUD YOU! This is extremely hard. Wearing like 17 different hats & still functioning as a human being.

If you run a team of employees, LET ME APPLAUD YOU! This is also extremely hard. Managing all the schedules & taking on each persons well being while still managing your own.

Sometimes it takes a breakdown to make a breakthrough.

I run two businesses on my own (that are both full time jobs) plus another business with partners (thank the Lord for them🙌🏼)I have never been anything other than an entrepreneur and honestly wouldn’t know how to. Sometimes this is scary. What if my businesses fail? What will I do?

But the rest of the time, this is wonderful. Even through ALL of the hardships, THIS is what I want. THIS is who I am. The blood, the sweat, and the tears (trust me there’s a lot of tears😂), nights of asking ‘WHY AM I DOING THIS!’ literally amount to nothing when I look at what I’m doing, what I’ve created, and what I’ve persevered through. All of the different aspects and adventures that my businesses bring me on a daily basis is enough for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I LOVE it.

Will it pay off? HELL YES.

And I can’t wait to see where this crazy amazing life of being a business owner will take me.

So, BOSSBABES. Let me finish with this. On good days, celebrate! On bad days, talk it out, over a bottle of wine. LEARN from your mistakes and understand where things went wrong. As long as your passion matches your vision, you are bound to go far.



xoxo Amy.