The business I have created is called Sober Saturdayz. I work hard to plan really rad, alcohol-free events around YEG! I’ve teamed up with some of Edmonton’s most amazing restaurants and bars to build community and implement non-alcoholic options into their establishments. Although this business is on the up-rise now, the brainstorming started at a very young age. I grew up in an abusive home this includes physical, verbal and substance abuse. I saw first hand how alcohol altered my family and I felt first hand how it started to deteriorate my own personality. I became obsessed with the idea of how to help my family, reading numerous self-help books, researching resources online and reaching out to advocates. Even though I put in so much time and energy, I felt like I had hit a dead end. I became frustrated with the fact that I was unable to save or cure some of my family members and that lead to my own binge drinking. Things were dark and felt helpless for a little while but eventually when I began to help myself, my passion project arose! Its amazing how things line up when you start taking care of yourself, and that was the birth of Sober Saturdayz.


Growing up I always knew I would own my own business and that I would help people rekindle the fire within themselves. I just didn’t know how, I tried a few different things but nothing ever came to full fruition. It always felt like I was forcing things, until Sober Saturdayz came around. Initially it was me and another friend who brainstormed ideas, but slowly the project became too big of an idea and I was alone. I knew I was relatable because of what I had been through and I knew I needed this project just as much as this project needed me.

“The goal is to become a little more awake and aware each day. You have come too far to fall back asleep dear sister. Weave your wisdom. Search for ways to wake up”.

Besides the Sober Saturdayz project I am also in school to become an Acupuncturist. I Will finish my Degree by march 2020, this is my toughest goal and will take the most dedication!

I was lucky enough to have a meeting with some of the crew at Start Up Edmonton, they are really good at breaking things down into easy(er) steps. The ability to hold (sold out) events every month is goal one. Finding the most delicious non-alcoholic products is goal two. Collecting resources for addictions and other support in the city and adding it to my website is goal 3. Integrate DELICIOUS non-alcoholic beverages into local establishments is goal 4 and creating my own non-alcoholic product is goal 5. Man that feels good to write down!


There have been more than many times where I wanted to end things. My own mental and physical health played a big part, lack of support from friends added to that and then dealing with my own family was the icing on the cake. Dealing with it all was gross, I’m not going to lie about that. I lost some friends, had to spend a lot of time alone and take risks that I didn’t feel brave or capable enough to take. But here we are, and seriously if I can do it, so can you.

I knew things were going to be okay when I started getting attention from the press. When CBC radio messaged me, followed by an interview on CityTV news and then a 15 min convo with Ryan Jesperson. This showed me that importance of my project and that I wasn’t the only person hungry for change!

I definitely get the best responses from people/community on Instagram. But facebook has been really great for media to get in contact, I think they’re both important platforms to use. I don’t mess with Twitter, I think that will lead to me spreading myself thin. Also I have to say WIX has been THE BEST for creating a webpage. It the only site that was easy enough for me to use and with the layouts I needed!


Finding balance with work and school and Sober Saturdayz has been a ride for sure. Not drinking DEFINITELY helped with that. For me it was really important for me to do things slowly and on my own time. Staying in on weekends, getting enough sleep and long walks (without my phone) with my dog were seriously therapeutic. Not to mention baths with candles, essential oils and face masks. Because for some reason face masks always make me feel like I have my shit together!

The support within the YEGBOSSBABES community is what i'm most stoked about! The fact that we are encouraging one another and helping out with advice when we can (without judgment) is incredible. It’s a seriously amazing feeling seeing woman around you following their passion and glowing because of it!

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