TIPSY TUESDAY - Wedding Trends for 2018 with BottomZ Up Bartending & Events

09-Girl With Tray

09-Girl With Tray

1. Welcome drinks at the reception have been gravitating towards champagne service. Most weddings are moving away from self serve and want butler service.

2. Craft beers are in right now, especially getting a keg from a local supplier.

3. Signature drinks are all the rage, with couples wanting a drink that defines them, a signature Groom drink and a signature Bride drink.

4. Most Weddings are only serving shots after the music and party have begun to cause less disruptions during speeches.

5. A trend that was huge this Summer was a slushie machine for blended beverages. The cost is minimal and the feedback from guests is great. They are generally non alcoholic with alcohol being added afterwards for those who wish it.

6. Events are also moving away from having Wine on their tables to a ticketed or butler service to avoid over pouring or wasted half bottles of Wine.

7. White Rum is out and people are moving towards Spiced or dark Rum.



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