MAD LOVE MONDAY - Jennifer Drvaric | Jen D Style



1.What is your business & why that field / service/ product?

I am in the business of helping people feel and look their absolute best and portraying the best version of themselves. My businessis primarily a style consulting andpersonal shopping business but I also offer otherservices like consulting onportraits, headshots, events and even help people pack for travel.

I am also interested in dabbling in wardrobe styling, working with photographers and potentially collaborating on creatives or editorial work. Down the road I’d like to get into providing corporate seminars for organizations on dressing in the workplace.

I launched mybusiness ( only very recently but being a stylist is something Ihave wantedto do for quite some time.

2.What inspired you to start your own business?



Well, to put it simply – the desire to build a business based on something that I truly am passionate about.Before deciding to start my styling business, I had a pretty successful career in the corporate worldfor over 10 years. I then went on to have my kids (ages 6 & 4 now) and stayed at home with them for a couple of years. Once I returned back to the corporate world after being home with my kids, I felt like something had changed in me. I knew that I wanted more than just the everyday grind of working for a large public company, that the differences I could make were really just minor. I wanted to go to work every day and feel passionate about what I could do to help someone, love what I do and feel a sense of satisfaction. I also worked in the recruitment world for about a year, learned a TON and all this led me tofigure outthat entrepreneurship was in the cards for me.  

3.Do you have a go to quote / motto?

Yes! Style is more than just clothes. A lot of people think that fashion and style is superficial and materialistic, the truth is – the reason many of us love it is because it does something for how weFEEL. There really is just something to be said for putting on those beautiful shoes and feeling like you can do anything, or those pair of jeans, etc.I also believe that for me, being able to help other women (or men!) feel more confident about themselves is really a gift I’m really excited about sharing!

There is a quote that came from Rachel Zoe and I included it on my website because it really depicts what my motto as a stylist is. It speaks to the importance of how what we wear depicts how we are viewed by others and sends a message about confidence, self-awareness, assertiveness and the list goes on.  From someone who spent many years in the business world,I saw firsthand how this concept is so very true in the business world. I love being able to help others be the best version of themselves

4.What’s a personal goal of yours to accomplish? (time frame?)

Personally, I really would like to bring back fitness into my life more regularly! Ever since having kids, exercise has really not been made a priority for me and I struggle getting it in. For all the mommas out there who are incredibly fit, I need to take a page from your book!Although, I do have to say that the type of exercise I’m drawn to these days is ALLL about Yoga! I LOVE yoga and would like to incorporate it into my daily routine.

5.Do you have a professional goal or set of goals for your business?

Wow, I’d say really a few things.  I’d really like to learn all there is to know about the styling business, connect with other women in business and give back to the community where I can. I am excited to learn from those around me, make connections, collaborate and build long lasting relationships. By the end of 2018, I would like to have 2-3 collaborations.

6.Why do you love being an entrepreneur?

I am a very driven person and the concept of entrepreneurship is a match made in heaven. I have a business background so I understand the foundation which helps,but so far what I like the most is the creativitythat I can put into it and I take great pride in calling itmy own. I enjoy having theflexibilityto drop my kids off at school, pick them up and flex with what’s happening in my personal life. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been pushed outside my comfort zone a lot but I know that for both personally and professionally when I allow myself to be exposed to new ideas, new environments -  I learn, grow and thrive.

7.Did you ever have a time where you wanted to give up? How did you overcome that feeling?

Jen D Style hasn’t been around for very long. I’ve had a few moments where I thought, “What are you doing?” But for the most part, I charge on forward and keep reminding myself that if I believe in myself and my ability to succeed, I will. Mediation and yoga practice has really helped ground me during days of uncertainty, self-doubt and stress.

8.Whats your best boss babe moment? (First moment of reassurance).

To be honest, it was actually when I decided to quit my last job as a recruiter. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the organization I worked for but I never felt quite right with whether the job itself was for me. I recruited for senior level finance professionals (which is what I came from)and I became very good at it.The moment I came to realization that I needed to move on waswhen I realized that even thoughI didn’t particularly enjoy the work,I was still successful! The whole concept FLOORED me.

I immediately began to think, “Can you imagine what you could do ifyou actually loved what you did?That’s when Jen D Style was truly born.



9.What platform do you find most success / interaction from? (IE. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook).

So far, mostlyInstagram@jendstyle.yeg.My next step isto build my blog,facebook and pinterest platformsvery soon.

10.Work-life Balance: What you do you do to destress? What is your must-have moment of the day (me time)?

I think most of you will laugh at this but my biggest de-stressoris SHOPPING! Retail therapy is at its finest for me. Otherwise, my favourite “me” time is after the kids go to bed. Anyone who has littlechildrenknows that the post child bedtime relaxation is the only chance you really get to unwind!

11.What are you looking to learn from other YEGBOSSBABES in the community?

I’m most excited just to meet other BOSSBABES and learn from them! This journey is quite new for me and I have so much to learn. There really isn’t anything better than a community of people around you who can support youand you can grow from. I’m so happy that I found YEGBOSSBABES and can’t wait to attend all the upcoming events.