Here is an article recently written for me, hopefully it gives you an idea of who I am.

“Wouldn’t it be fabulous if “ultimate ” came in a kit including instructions? It did for dynamic REALTOR® and business development expert, Sharon Gregresh, whose signature story is certainly one of resilience, perseverance and inspiration.

With her empathic gift, Sharon has an uncanny ability to match her buyers to their perfect home. Her self-avowed secret to success is focused, consistent hard work.
“I am totally committed to my clients. It’s such a huge honour to be trusted with their purchase of a lifetime. Knowing families will be shaped inside these walls, or that this investment will assure their retirement brings me great joy!”

This rare brand of determination proved instrumental to Sharon’s actual survival when an extreme car crash, resulting in multiple surgeries, rocked her existence. Despite the spectre of potential amputation, Sharon courageously forged on through excruciating pain, miraculously regaining her mobility with certain limitations. Her once active life now compromised, however, excess weight became an issue, along with society’s uninformed judgement.
“I wasn’t in pain because I was heavy. I got heavy because I was in pain!” 

After spending thousands on unsuccessful weight loss programs, Sharon found hope in a big, blue box. So many companies make so many claims, but, truthfully, this one unique wellness system saved Sharon’s life.

“My job was always to take care of everybody else and just carry on, so I never really acknowledged the extent of my pain, my depression. Six days into the products, I noticed I was walking without support. My swelling was gone! My pain level drastically reduced, I finally felt like me again!”

Now, after three years, Sharon has maintained the loss of 120 pounds. Whereas 2000 steps a day used to be unmanageable, she now walks nearly 20,000. The host of a weekly internet real estate radio show, Sharon still enjoys a thriving realty career. Catch her upcoming TV show, See It! Buy It! Love It! 

Unsurprisingly, Sharon is so impressed with this way of health that she can’t stop spreading the word so others can achieve not just weight loss, but this same overall well-being. “I would really have to not like someone to keep this from them”, she laughs.

“Tears come to my eyes thinking of the people I can help. I assumed I was headed towards life in a wheelchair, a burden to my family, now If I could only bottle how incredible I feel and let others spray test it, everyone would get involved.”

Yes, with Sharon as your guide, your own ultimate transformation is only a kit…or a call away.”
I am a REALTOR serving the greater Edmonton Area, I live in St.Albert and work with Century 21 Masters

Sharon Gregresh

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