MAD LOVE MONDAY | Ashley Rosenow - Illustrious Interiors



My name is Ashley Rosenow and I am the proud owner of Illustrious Interiors. Currently I offer interior decorating, home staging and styling, interior organizing, paint consultations, and custom murals. At one point, most of these services were solely a hobby of my own and I could only have dreamt of using my creativity in a home other than my own. I truly believe that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.

After having my children, my work priorities changed and I knew immediately it was time to pursue my passion of interior design. This meant I could spend more time with my children and be the mother and wife I envisioned to be. This doesn’t come without a challenge though. Any Mompreneur understands the struggle of work/life/balance of trying to run a business and provide for your family that demands you-all at the same time. I can’t say that I have found that perfect balance yet, but I do feel blessed to have my beautiful family and my dream job right in front of me. Life will always be changing around you. You can either succumb to the challenges, or face them without fear of the future. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think I am capable enough. I believe putting in 110% effort with a positive attitude will always pay off.

My business came by demand. What started out as creating unique pieces and rooms in my own home, blossomed into requests from friends/family, that by word of mouth alone turned into more and more clients. I began researching social media strategies, built a portfolio by decorating many unique rooms, became a certified home stager, and then officially opened for business.


I have always been passionate about decorating and even on my “down time” you can find me inside Homsense or Michaels strolling about envisioning decorating or creating for a new space. I love the challenge of working in a new space with old and new furniture and making it all come together in a seamless way. Many times, when I stage a home, I am utilizing what the client has before purchasing anything new and the outcome has always been successful.

It is funny to think how murals came about. They are one of my favorite services I provide. Often when I am decorating a room, I am working within a budget and although wallpaper can be beautiful, often it can be costly. There are many times where I just end up challenging myself to see if I can paint something similar for a fraction of the price, and not to mention the colors usually work a bit better with the room since it is all custom! Murals ended up being requested so often that I decided to add it to my list of services.



Painting has always been incredibly soothing to me and I am always so inspired by other artists. I love painting floral murals and when I came across the giant floral painting on 72 St and 101 Ave in Edmonton I was in absolute awe! How has this been in Edmonton since 1998 and I have only just seen it this year! It is definitely something worth seeing!

Speaking of the YEG community, the biggest thing I am thankful for within my business by far has been my friends, family, clients, and supporters. I am pretty active on Facebook and Instagram and the number of referrals that I have seen on there alone from locals, have brought me so much business and it hasn’t gone unnoticed! These referrals have been my biggest aid in getting my name out there and I couldn’t do it without my support team!

Although I spend hours and hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration and ideas, I have yet to really figure out how to use it for my business. I started up a page right from the get-go, but I don’t really use it yet. This year my goal is to use Pinterest to my advantage and blog a little more on my site! My next goal is to duplicate myself so I can get a little more done, although this is not quite obtainable it would be really nice! This year I would also love to attend a Boss Babe mixer and get to know some other amazing YEG Boss Babes! In the meantime, head over to my Instagram and Facebook and come say Hi! I would love to meet you!