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My name is Jordan and I have recently returned home after living in China for the past 13

months where I acted and performed at Shanghai Disneyland Resort. Working in

Shanghai Disneyland opened my eyes to a world full of magic, smiles and happiness. So

much so, I want to continue to share that magic and joy with everyone here at home

through Glass Slipper Entertainment. I know it can be difficult to travel to far away

places to meet fairytale princesses, so I thought I could bring them here.

Having the incredible opportunity to live in China, and to work for Disney was both life

changing and eye opening for me. Not only was I immersed in a brand new culture full of

tradition and history (and tons of people), I also got to work for a company I had only

dreamed of working for.


I have been performing for nearly 20 years. When I started my training way-back-when,

never in my wildest dreams could I have seen myself performing for Disney. I remember

for my 12th birthday, my parents (and grandparents) took my family and I to Disneyland

for the first time. As cheesy as it may sound, I honestly get emotional just writing about

it. I am sure most people out there remember their first trip to Disneyland (or any of the

Disney parks), because it really does make memories that last a lifetime. For me, it was

hands down the most magical place on earth. That trip holds some of my most cherished

memories. I remember seeing some of the princesses from a distance, and then actually

getting to meet a couple of them in person, and being mesmerized and in complete awe. It

was safe to say I was star struck. Was it real? Was I really getting to meet a real live

princess?! It was a dream come true.

Little did I know, more than a decade later another dream would come true… working for

Shanghai Disneyland Resort. This time, not only did I get to make more of my own

memories that will last forever, I was able to take part in the magical memory-making of

so many little ones that came to visit the park in Shanghai. This is something so special, it

is difficult for me to put into words. So I will leave it up to your imagination.

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A little more about me, past and present…

(so stop here if you’ve read enough lol)

Dance vs. School

My passion is and has always been performing arts, dancing in particular. The pressure of

making a decision of what to do after graduating high school was stressful. What I truly

wanted to do was move to New York or Los Angeles and just dance. But a part of me

(particularly the left side of my brain), wanted to pursue an education heavily involved in

numbers and science. Somehow I found a way to do both… I danced my way through a

Petroleum Engineering degree from the U of A. Okay, I didn’t quite “dance” my way through.

It was the hands down the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but definitely the

most rewarding.

After the oil industry crashed and after I had to move on from dancing on cruise ships, I

decided to enrol in Public Relations at Ryerson University. I graduated in June of 2018.

And I fell in love with the industry, one I was so unaware of prior to my education. I am

grateful that I can at least apply this skill/knowledge while running my business. And I

must say it has been quite helpful thus far.

Needless to say, I have never really known what I “wanted to do with my life”. The one

thing that has remained constant is performing; that I know, and have always known, is

my passion. So I have always just found a way to make it work. No excuses.

My reality

Without too many details, I also have a passion and dynamic love for giving back to

communities and making a difference in the lives of people who need it most. I founded

and co-founded multiple fundraisers: one for family victims in Afghanistan after the

tragedies of 2001, and another after the horrific aftermath of the Tsunami in Indonesia

and Thailand in 2004. When I was young I was often trying to come up with ways to help

other people.

That, combined with always having a desire to have control of my own schedule and

working for myself made the business idea of performing, making people smile, bringing

them joy (along with myself), seemed like I hit the jack pot.

… And then reality kicked in, when I realized I knew nothing (and I mean NOTHING)

about running or operating a business. Whenever I feel like I have chosen wrong, or feel

like maybe tossing in the towel, I attend a networking event or entrepreneur workshop

and inspiration kicks back in. I have also discovered that our city is FULL of wonderful

resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I just think that is so awesome! I

know it definitely enables and inspires me to keep going and learning as much as I can.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely venture. So it really is important to take care of

yourself mentally and physically. It’s important to surround yourself with positive people

who inspire and challenge you. They can be people who you’ve known your whole life,

or someone you’ve just met (at a workshop for example). Being a part of the YEG Boss

Babe community feels like a wonderful privilege and an amazing opportunity. One that I

am very grateful for, even though I’ve just started…

I thank all of you wonderful, strong, independent and intelligent women in advance,

because I guarantee you, your efforts will be appreciated in one way or another.

Since starting my business I now say, you can never have too much happiness, too

much laughter, too many stories or too deep of a smile line.

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