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Karena is a Labour/Birth & Postpartum Doula, serving families of all structures in Edmonton and all neighbouring counties.

As a Labour/Birth Doula, Karena helps prepare for the arrival of baby by teaching and demonstrating comfort measures for pregnancy and labour, clarifying birth preferences and possible labour interventions, coaching strategies to reduce stress during pregnancy and labour, and is present for the labour to support the birthing person for the arrival of baby!

As a Postpartum Doula, Karena offers daytime and overnight support to families who are in their postpartum year. Support includes help with feeding, sleep (both baby and family!), the healing of the birthing person, keeping the home tidy, entertaining older siblings, providing information on any and all topics, lending an ear or shoulder to cry on, and more!

Additionally, Karena offers meal planning and meal prepping services.

Karena also has a Lending Library, allowing clients to borrow books on various pregnancy, labour/birth, postpartum, parenting, and childhood development topics.

Karena Dang
(780) 819 8831