MAD LOVE MONDAY | Lorna Mutegyeki - Msichana Inc.


To be honest I didn’t set out to be a fashion designer. In fact, when I first moved to Canada, it was to study molecular genetics at the U of A. And while in school, I began working in finance which eventually led to me becoming a CPA. But even with a good career, I really felt that I needed to do more, so I decided to make a change.

Fashion is a natural form of communication for me; I’m very passionate about women and this industry impacts so many (everyone, really!) I wanted to make the most significant, meaningful and lasting impact I possibly could.

Creating Msichana pieces at our studio in Uganda.jpg

One thing I love about being an entrepreneur is that I get to pursue the mission /priorities that are most important to me and perfectly aligned with my values.

One of my favorite moments in the day is the moment a client tries on a bespoke piece for the first time- there is something so empowering about looking at yourself and knowing that a piece perfectly fits your body- and I see it that confidence in their eyes.

Model | Sonia @bsocialcomm

Model | Sonia @bsocialcomm

Photo | @TasyNicole  Model | Marnie @glowjuicery

Photo | @TasyNicole

Model | Marnie @glowjuicery

I also love the connection formed between the women creating the clothing and the women who wear it. With each bespoke piece, our clients receive a video where they can watch their garment being created and meet the women behind it. People don’t always think about how their clothing was made, but with Msichana the process is something that we are very proud of.

Running my own business has not been without challenges. The hustle is real, but I have never felt more satisfied. When times get really tough and I’m tempted to give up, I think of the people whose lives Msichana is impacting, and how many more there will be, and that encourages me to keep going.

Currently, I am working on the next collection for Msichana and improving the program for our team in Uganda. I am incredibly proud of the work that they have accomplished as seamstresses and we are now focusing on the business aspect so that these ladies can be successful entrepreneurs themselves. By giving women the skills they need to grow past Msichana I hope to create a community and a network of professional women who will support each other and be the proof that others may need to believe in their own power.

I am glad to be a part of the YEG Boss Babes community. I love connecting with women who experience similar challenges and who I can celebrate successes with.