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I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and also a journalist, writer and marketing specialist.

I started my career in the Czech Republic, working as a News Reporter in Český rozhlas. I had a weekly column in national newspapers, and I am still publishing in both web and print (Harpers Bazaar CZ) magazines in Europe. 

Before I've become a successful journalist and a writer, I was a single mom, with no money, no savings, and no future.  

I worked hard to get to the place I am right now. I have experienced failure, I have lost many battles, but I am here today, stronger, smarter and very confident in my skills and knowledge. 

I am currently working as a Digital Marketing Specialist in INUMIN MEDIA, where we create content, produce videos, manage social media accounts, build brands and take care of client's PR. 

(431) 388 2544

Kristina Kim


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