MAD LOVE MONDAY | Tanya West - Business Coach & Online Marketer

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Hey I’m Tanya West! I am a business coach & online marketer for solopreneurs who want to go from overwhelmed with no plan to clear, productive and feeling great! How did I get to this point in my life? Well, it is a long story...the short version is that as a software developer on a pager, I was super stressed and not taking care of my health. It led me unexpectedly to being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30. Wow! Did that rock my world!

After going through most of my treatments my mom’s breast cancer returned so I jumped on the internet and started doing some research on how to save my mom.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know enough back then to change the outcome but it did launch me into a side project...taking nutrition courses, working at a health store and eventually becoming a certified holistic cancer practitioner.  I did this while doing a job change. I became a business consultant for new start ups and this was where my fire for entrepreneurship was ignited.

I worked with many entrepreneurs and some failed and some succeeded, it came down to how much they really wanted it and if they were actually WORKING at it.

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After losing my dad suddenly to heart failure I didn’t know what to do with myself...I had to focus on something positive so I enrolled myself into a fitness competition. I knew it would be a lot of work and focus and that was what I needed at the time. This took my interest in health and fitness to a whole new level. I realized then that if I set my goal on something I could really achieve it and make it happen.

From there I went into online marketing so I could travel and work from home. Looking for a fresh start and to move away from some not so great memories, I moved my life from Niagara Falls to Edmonton to live closer to my brother and his family. I learned so much in 3 years working from home and 6 months ago I decided it was time for me to step up and take the leap of faith to go it...solo...gulp!

I had to do insides were screaming at me to follow my dream. Now the question became what do I offer? I started with nutritional consulting and doing websites and online marketing and and and...and was getting nowhere. I had all the tools, my brand was on point but I got to the point where I was scared that each month kept going by and still my sales were minimal. Another month’s rent keep coming out of my bank account.

I decided that even with all my knowledge I was having trouble coaching myself so...I hired a business coach of my own.

Within a month I honed in on 1 focus, searched more specifically for my clients and started generating a REAL revenue. I had someone that believed in me, knew what I could do and kept me from going back and taking a J.O.B. and giving up on my dream. I had the skills, I had the knowledge but I didn’t have the myself. Now I do. The more you do, the more you step out of your comfort zone and succeed! The more your confidence will grow. I promise!

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Now I get to do what I love doing! Working with entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals. I have combined my love for health with my love for business and marketing and created one program. 12 weeks of coaching, planning and supporting those who really need not only business advice but marketing advice and nutrition too to support their minds too. I think it creates a powerful package together and I get to combine all my passions to help others succeed. My goal is to grow this business and create smaller online programs that people can also do on their own. I set goals for myself every month to work towards. As of January 2019 I am earning as much as I did working for someone else and there is no stopping me now! How awesome is that!

It is very rewarding being a boss babe! Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs for sure, however there is nothing like earning your own income. It feels truly amazing. If you would like more information about working with me,  please visit me at and grab my free guide 50 WAYS TO CRUSH THE THINGS KEEPING YOU FROM HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS or follow me on insta @gowithwest. We can be friends on facebook too! I would love to connect with you!

It is so cool to connect with other boss babes and I find listening to everyone’s struggles and successes to be very educating. I love taking away some golden nuggets of wisdom after meeting someone new.

One of my favourite quotes is “Life isn’t happening to us, it is happening through us”. I’ve been through a lot but I am still here and use what has happened to me to be able to change others lives. I am very thankful to still be here and every day I start with 3 things I am thankful for and I end my day the same way. Celebrate every success no matter how small it is and you will find that as the days go by, you will have more and more things to be grateful for.