MAD LOVE MONDAY | Taylor Fedor - Spruc'd Design Co.


Oh Heey there!

I am Taylor, the creator behind Spruc’d Design Co. a collection of handmade signs and At-Home Sign Workshops.

I try to focus on timeless/minimal designs that are able to fit into anyone’s home regardless of style/trends, with the hopes that these pieces will stay around for many years to come! Growing up I always enjoyed creating things, and as I got older it never really went away. As I entered that 9-5 work week lifestyle, I found myself unsatisfied and craving a creative outlet. It was then that I started playing around with my Silhouette Curio at the time. Before I knew it, my new creative outlet, turned into requests from friends and family, which eventually turned into customers from the community! It was then that I turned to some social media platforms to better showcase some of my work. Originally I began with instagram (my fave) and facebook, which I still use today, and eventually pinterest...not so much for advertising but to help spark inspiration for new designs.


Since then many things have changed, this year especially, I have set quite a few goals for myself. Personally, I am focusing on finding a better work/life balance, and building real relationships within the entrepreneur community. Currently I have yet to figure out this whole work/life balance schedule (has anyone though?)...So far my attempts have been to split up the steps in my overall process into different days of the week and to not do any business after 8pm (which I have been a little less successful with so far). Professionally, I am looking to really step outside of my box, by attending more networking event, getting better educated with my products/marketing and entering the world of holla at your girl if your looking for some new store product!.

Being an entrepreneur is like riding a rollercoaster at times, but I love it because it allows you to show people who you are in a fun creative way! If anyone tells you that being an entrepreneur is rainbows and sunshine all the time they are lying. It is hard work, and believe me, there has been countless times where I have thought to myself “Is this really worth it?”. I found the best thing for me (a rather new change) was to stop comparing my work/success to other entrepreneurs and just focus on myself and my own creations...definitely easier said than done, especially with social media these days. But I have found it makes those moments of reassurance just that much better. I’ll never forget my very first sale to a complete stranger! Don’t get me wrong, family and friend support is great, but you can’t help think they are just buying from you to be supportive haha. So when that stranger comes along, you just think to yourself

“HOLY CRAP SOMEBODY ACTUALLY LIKES MY WORK” haha, it’s honestly the most satisfying feeling ever!


If you have made it this far, thank-you for reading along and I sure hope I have not bored you to death! I am so very fortunate to be able to turn to a group of like minded people like YEGBOSSBABEs who are more than willing to help me get the information, and support I need to continue on my crazy ass journey of being an entrepreneur. So here’s to another year of creating, learning, supporting, and sipping(always have to make time for wine) with the amazing YEGBOSSBABE community.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” -Albert Einstein