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I've had a deep passion for creating with my mind and hands for as long as I can remember.  No matter the medium or scale I've always loved to create.  My first expression was sketches of abstract art which took on new life after I finished a course in perspective drawing at the age of 10.  Through my university education, I began to see the world entirely differently once I learned the mathematical rules which govern perspective drawing and proportions. Still, to this day I dabble in abstract painting and have produced a few commissioned pieces.  
I'm not sure when I first learned about interior design, but after being exposed to it as a careers option, I felt that it was my calling to pursue it as a career path though this took some time to be realized. 

My academic training and career started centred in the sciences.  In 2006 I completed a bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering and then a Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture, focusing on environmental design (2016). For a decade I also worked as a project manager, coordinating environmental assessment projects and promoting environmental compliance.  

I am a strong believer that there is no such thing as wasted experiences!  Art, science, and design are all governed by similar principles. Whether you're balancing the composition of a painting or a stoichiometric equation, the process of striking balance is essential to producing a successful outcome. Though different mediums and tools are used, in all of these sectors, there is a general order of operations. The result must suit the functional needs of the user while also being pleasing to the senses.

My interior design practice is a culmination of my life experiences.  It is rooted in my passion for creative arts, my concern for the environment and my project management expertise; through my experiences have learned that the most rewarding experiences are those that allow us to share our gifts in a way that can help to improve the lives of others.  

While working with Linger, you can expect to:  
- express yourself unapologetically 
- challenge the status-quo of generic, place-less design
- emerge with an inspiring space that makes you linger just a little longer

Amanda Lwanga
(780) 257 9432

Sherwood Park, AB