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I am Katherien Lundin, a Professional Clairvoyant

I tune in to your vibrational energy in order to see and sense images, colours, people, animals, buildings as well as objects that validate her authenticity. My  gift of clairvoyance offers connection to your energy and all the encompasses.

I use automatic writing in order to convey messages for you. I do believe messages are best served with a spoon of sugar mixed in strong coffee and yes a cookie for added comfort. 

Validation and the push to pursue my gifts were through the love and support of my husband, sister and mother.

Those who have and continue to work with me know that I trust the usage of true compassion, empathy and sometimes a bit of laughter mixed with a direct approach ensuring accuracy, support and the utmost professionalism. 
With clientele from all walks of life I am always dedicated to provide honesty, integrity, validation with positivity to ensure the feeling of warmth and clarity.  

I am very thankful for the ability to make connections, deliver messages and offer direction through the validation of choice as well as bring peace to those who are in need of closure, resolution and the knowing that we are and always will be connected...  

I do offer instant scheduling time slots available for Telephone, Skype and Email Sessions. 
For all in person as well as other availability for telephone, Skype and email sessions please contact directly as I always do my very best to accommodate.

Katherien Lundin - Professional Clairvoyant

(780) 446 1635