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Accounting for Trust with Jennifer Steckly


For four and a half years, Jennifer Steckly worked in mid-sized accounting firm as she began to build her own client base she felt that her previous office restricted how she could serve her clients. The CA world is a male dominated one and Jennifer wanted to change this. So instead of lingering on, along with another colleague, she decided to continue advancing by launching  her own accounting firm named Colby Steckly Chartered Accountants. She wanted her firm to give female accountants a reason to be inspired.

Jennifer early on understood her strengths and weaknesses and made that work for her. None can deny that her attitude on clients is unique and something that entrepreneurs should adopt. Jennifer brings the idea of meeting clients where they are now by finding a communication method and context they are comfortable greatly enhances  the value clients receive .

According to Jennifer, “'Treat people how they want to be treated rather than how you would want to be treated” is very important. Relate to your clients, and potential clients in a way that makes them feel valued and appreciated every step of the way.

Jennifer Steckly