MAD LOVE MONDAY | Terrissa Corrinne - Branch & Leaf


Hi! I’m TC, short for Terrissa Corrinne, which is always a topic of conversation but I promise there are more interesting things about me than my funny name. I’m so excited that YEG Boss Babes has invited me to share my business with you! The company I own is called Branch & Leaf and my goal is to create easier access to therapy tools for parents and caregivers, with a special focus on items to support children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders.

I’ve worked with children and adults with special needs for just over 10 years now. I’ve served in several different positions, most recently as a Behavioural Therapist with teenagers with Autism. I’ve worked with families, in schools, and in residential programs and the common thread I’ve found is that therapy tools are so hard to get into the hands of people who need them. There’s so many layers of bureaucracy in between families and tools that most people don’t even know where to look for these items, or what items could help with what behaviours, or how to use them. My goal is to bridge the gap. Branch & Leaf is brand new, but in the near future there will be blog posts to go along with many items to detail how to use them, why, and have an easy to follow link to purchase- and to get some of these items at less than half the price.

My dream for this business is to see happier families, children with less aggressive or destructive behaviours, and the tools to modify the behaviours with skills to help grow and move past the difficult seasons that come with certain disabilities. I truly believe it is possible for families to take control of their lives in these difficult situations if they are allowed to access the right tools.

This business I’ve created just opened in April of 2019 so there is a long road ahead of me. Coming from my background of art and behavioral therapy means this whole business side of life is brand new but I am blessed to have the time and fire within me to learn and grow each day. My dream for this business is to grow it to a large enough scale to really create an impact in my community and beyond. Because Branch & Leaf is online based it creates a unique opportunity to stretch all the way across the country- or even further- to really touch the lives of people who need it. It’s been amazing that in such a short amount of time I am already reaching families, building relationships with other entrepreneurs and being reached out to from more established companies for collaboration and, man, do I ever feel like a Boss Babe!

It’s easy to feel the dreaded “imposter syndrome” while stepping out of your comfort zone but I’ve had so many amazing supportive people around me who just want to see it succeed and that feels amazing!


I primarily focus my energy towards Instagram, as that’s my favourite social media platform, and I have been finding so many amazing connections there. My instagram page @branch.leaf is primarily supportive, towards families or children with differences and also women like me- stepping out into the world to make change. Making change in the community also creates change in yourself and I believe its so important to make sure that we stay strong and confident. Change starts at home. Together we can make this world a better place.

I hope you’ve found this article interesting and inspiring and are itching to get a look at what I’ve got brewing. I welcome you to follow along on Instagram or Facebook, reach out for collaborations, and share the shop with anyone you think may need it. I can’t wait to meet you!