MAD LOVE MONDAY | Katherien Lundin - Professional Clairvoyant

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My name is Katherien Lundin, I am a Professional Clairvoyant and wife and mother of three amazing sons as well as one sweet golden retriever.

I am often asked what is a Clairvoyant and how does one become a professional Clairvoyant?
As a Clairvoyant I tune into your vibrational energy, and am able to see and sense images, colours, people, animals, buildings as well as objects that validate your being. I do hear spoken messages and feel emotions that are often channelled though spirit and your guides. I do use automatic writing, meaning I write and scribble words, pictures and shapes as I relay messages to my clientele.

To simplify I offer validation, perspective and messages with a glimpse of the past, present and future. 
As a Professional I have a strict code of ethics, morals, confidentiality as well business hours with a business format.


I have always been connected to vibrational energy, meaning I have always seen, heard and felt things since I can remember. The journey to authentic self, being my current title, role, aspiration and career path was through the belief and push from my husband, Clint who is my best friend and my mom, who is also my best friend.


Support is essential in all that we aspire to do, we all need the offer of strength, compassion and yes sometimes just a shoulder and an ear.

Prior to my pursuit of my authentic self I had roles in management and administration. Yes, the 9 to 5 structured comfortable, conservative career path was my zone for many years until I had the push to take the leap towards the off beaten path and to be within my truth.

I truly love having the ability to help clientele through connection, messages as well as having the ability to give perspective and hope. The joy of connection and validation is the gift I receive from my clientele daily.
I do have one co-worker, business partner and therapy aid, my sweet golden retriever Buzby and those who have seen me in person have the privilege of his serene presence.


The one thing about being self employed and connecting with so many different energies is the need to schedule a break; to take time to distress.

I am a huge advocate of meditation and breath work. Using this daily for calming and centring of the self is my Zen. I also love my working meditation, my hot flow, spin class and walking my sweet Buzby! Yes, I am infatuated with lulu, sometimes too much! So having a scheduled day of semiformal business attire helps with the balance of too much home life vs., business.

I do hope to connect with all of you amazing woman at Yeg Boss Babes!