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Buno Design is a sustainable fashion and accessories brand that believes in simplicity and refined timeless style, started by three sisters; Esmahan, Amnna and Sara. Our timeless elegant Jewelry are all hand-crafted in Edmonton by our designer Esmahan. 

We create unique handcrafted jewelry using recycled beads,gemstones,reclaimed old jewelry and vintage pieces. We love giving old and vintage jewelry pieces new life .  

Buno Design was created by us three sisters in UK in 2014 as a bespoke evening and bridal wear modest brand. But, in 2016 we made the best decision and transformed to an ethical and sustainable fashion brand.  We are determined wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. We use only eco-friendly marketing materials, from product packaging right down to labels and stationery.

Buno Design only works with manufacturers that follow the code and conducts of  fair work place and fair pay. We are striving to produce high quality garments that lasts for long time rather than producing fast cheap ones that end in landfills.  

Our passion for sustainability has not stopped only at our garments , in fact last year 
our focus has been about  creating a line of Jewelry collection from 
up-cycled vintage and old jewelry pieces.  

As an ethical and sustainable fashion and accessories company, we learned throughout the years that most people are familiar with recycling and up-cycling garments but majority did not know how to repurpose old,broken or even vintage jewelry pieces. We really wanted our jewelry to reflect our passion and dedication for sustainability. Hence, the idea of up-cycling and repurposing jewelry came to life. We started this year, work shops at local schools on how to repurpose jewelry and recycle it. Our clients can learn how to reuse and repurpose their old items specially jewelry and give it new life instead of ending in the landfill. 

Growing up and living in four different Continent has inspired our unique designs which makes our work stand out from the crowd. 

We love being part of the Edmonton creative community as it has diverse creative makers.  It is always exciting when we collaborate with local makers and designers. 
Edmonton has a great potential to grow for any designer and maker and we are privileged to be part of this amazing community.

Esmahan Abdallah

(587) 937 1427

# 408  155 edwards drive
Edmonton, AB
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