Random Thoughts From A #Momboss | Alli Mackenzie - Lifestyle Liaison

Hello #Mompreneurs! I see you there, hustling day in day out, doing your very best to balance it all.  And I’m here to remind you that You’ve Got This! Some days will be hard AF and others will flow like an abundant brook; and maybe today is somewhere in the middle, but it’s ALL worth it because you’re living in your purpose.

I’m Alli MacKenzie, Lifestyle Liaison, Reiki Master Teacher and Cofounder of Leading Ladies, a supportive community leading Women to success in Life & Business. I’m a multitasking Mompreneur to a beautiful baby boy, Hunter, and wife to my supportive rock, Matt. I Empower Women to break-free from limiting beliefs, trust their intuition and create the lifestyle they desire. I offer online Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for Women, Reiki Healing Treatments, Reiki Practitioner Training and Wellness Workshops. You can learn more about me here (www.allimackenzie.ca)!

In the meantime, I’d like to share 5 encouraging thoughts with you ☺ 

  1. A Great Day Starts the Night Before
    Okay Mommas, I’m sure you know the drill: clean up after supper, pack lunches, help with homework and pick clothes for the next day; along with any other tasks that happen to arise! Well, the same goes for you! Before you go to sleep, set your intention(s) for the following day.  Think about your goals, your priorities, and your “to do” list. Then…pick your outfit!  I’ve spent countless mornings in my closet, standing dumbfounded and half asleep, wondering how on earth I’m going to piece something together. Take 5 minutes the night before and save yourself 15 in the morning! You just might have time to grab a java after dropping off the Littles!

  2. Start Your Day With a Little Play
    What does your alarm sound like? Have you chosen the obnoxious siren to abruptly wake you from your dream state? Maybe you prefer a more gentle song to wake you. Personally, I wake to the sound of an iconic angel singing: Phil Collins; and you betcha it’s, “In the Air Tonight.” I like to start my morning with a feel-good song that encourages a playful mood for the rest of the day. What’s your fave feel-good tune?

  3. You’re 70% Water; Therefore, You’re as Powerful as the Ocean
    I know you’ve heard it before and it’s true! Your cells, your organs, your brain, it’s all made of water; and oxygen, and carbon, and protons and neutrons. Where am I going with this? DRINK YOUR EFFING WATER! Your body needs it to function on a daily basis. Plus, your little monkeys will see and then your little monkeys will do, too! That now brings us to the powerful part. You have an influence on everyone you come into contact with, so spread love and kindness everywhere you go.

  4. Learn from Your Faux Pas
    It’s okay to be imperfect. It’s okay to say “no” to others in order to say “yes” to yourself.  It’s okay to “figure it out as you go.” It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to be You. Life is about living and that requires us to step out of our comfort zone. We’ve all experienced our fair share of poopy situations – and I’m not just talking diapers here. People have let us down. We’ve been fed false truths. We’ve made choices we weren’t proud of but that’s living, Baby. The silver lining: you can learn from those experiences and create the lifestyle you desire.

  5. Turn on the Tap and Bask in Some Epsom Salts…& Gratitude
    It’s okay if you’re not a bath person, neither am I. I used to be but then I became a Momma and realized that I get more bang for my buck with a nice hot shower. The piece that must remain constant is Gratitude. Wow. It really is powerful stuff.  The key is to feel into the gratitude as opposed to simply listing items off as you would a grocery list. Here’s an example to give you some guidance. When I’m feeling thankful for my Son, Hunter, I imagine he and I sharing a big hug then I feel the love deep in my heart. Okay, your turn!

Love & Light to You,

Alli M.