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Nicole Constante Photography

Nicole Constante Photography

Hello YEG Boss Babes! My name is Danielle, and I am the owner of Etched In Marketing.

I found a love for marketing in university, and with that came a dream of one day having my own consulting business. My goal with this business was to have the opportunity to work with amazing business owners and brands to help others see how great they truly are. After a few years of working in a couple of very different industries, the time came when the only questions left was "why not now?". So with some support and motivation to take a leap, I started Etched In Marketing. At first, it was a side hustle, and now it is my full-time focus.

Through Etched In Marketing, I work with local small businesses and entrepreneurs in various consumer industries, with a focus on wellness and lifestyle. Etched In Marketing provides a full range of marketing consulting and services, customized to a businesses needs, goals and resources. For one client, this may mean help creating a presence online with training to manage it themselves, well for another, it might be developing and implementing a cohesive marketing and communications strategy. My goal is to work with a business to provide support and find an effective marketing strategy that works for their unique situation.

Nicole Constante Photography

Nicole Constante Photography

Work/Life/Social Media Balance

I often get asked about how I balance my time on social media when it is such a big part of my work. Since I am sure this is something many of you encounter, I thought today I would share a bit more about this topic.

By now, most people are aware of the negative implications social media can have on our mental health, but it also isn't all bad. Social media can be entertaining, a great way to connect, a source of inspiration, a way to find out about new places, and many other positive things.

While I am by no means an expert on mental health or work-life balance, from my experience, there are two points that have helped me to balance life online with real life:

1) Remember that social media is, at most, only partially representative of reality.

Even when authentic, the posts we choose to share online are still curated - it still takes numerous shots to nail that selfie, and we still adjust the framing or staging of a photo to make sure it looks "just right". 

While I 100% encourage you to be real online in a way that you are comfortable and that fits with your brand (this type of openness leads to real connections) there will still be things that don't make it into your feed. That is okay! But just as there will be things that you won't' be sharing online, everyone else will have more to their story that you can see. 

Don't use social media as your measure for business or personal success, or a benchmark of what your life should be.

2) Be intentional about how you're spending your time online.

Nicole Constante Photography

Nicole Constante Photography

You have limited resources both in your business and life. Why are you investing those resources in social media? What are you hoping to get out of this investment? Is your investment paying off?

Instead of being online simply because everyone is online, or because it is a habit, be intentional about it. Move away from those times you, without thinking, pick up your phone and start scrolling and be present and deliberate about how you spend your time and energy. Turn off notifications. Set time limits that make sense for you and your life. And if your posting for your business, spend time to come up with a plan that makes sense and schedule when possible.

In general, enjoy the time you are on social media, and if you are not, it's okay to take a break.

While it does require an ongoing effort to find that balance, at the end of the day, I do love social media as a way to learn about new businesses/places/events, to hear about what people are up to & to make new connections. Find me online or at a Boss Babes event and let's chat more!





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