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Photo | Nicole Constate

Photo | Nicole Constate

“I missed the adult conversations on mat leave.”

“I felt judged in other moms’ groups because I like my job/I’m working on mat leave/I’m going back to work early.”

“I’m concerned about how becoming a mom will impact my career.”

That’s why Pros&Babes is here - for moms who feel this way. 

It all started at 4 A.M. on a cold October morning. I was jet-lagged from a trip to Europe with my three-month old baby during my first mat leave. He was sleeping and I was exceptionally awake. 

Photo | Nicole Constate

Photo | Nicole Constate

One Evenbrite event and a (cheesy) Google page later, Pros&Babes - which offers cohort-style discussion, learning and support programs for career-minded moms - was born.

After this initial experiment, which started in 2017, Pros&Babes continues offering programming for moms on mat leave, a peer mentorship program for working moms and fun meetups for fathers and kids. 

As I wait for baby #2 (due on Labour Day - he could come any moment!) I know the old normal will soon be replaced by new chaos and my #momboss thoughts might change completely. But -- here we go! In completely random order.

Photo | Nicole Constate

Photo | Nicole Constate

  1. One of my favourite concepts learned throughout this adventure is “integration”. It’s much more apt and accurate than the concept of work/life balance. Becoming a mom makes us a better professional, and we take what we learn from work and become better parents - we integrate. But balance? It rarely all feels balanced in the short term!

  2. Having a tribe of like-minded moms, who cherish their careers, is simply amazing. Thanks to them, I’ve personally never felt judged for being passionate about my community and my work. Through Pros&Babes, I’ve met some of the most fabulous women in Edmonton.

  3. A couple of resources I love to share with moms on mat leave:

    1. Work, Pause, Thrive (a nice one for entrepreneurs)

    2. Making It Work: A Guide to Maternity Leave in Canada

    3. Back to Work After Baby

  4. Birthing is hard. Parenting is hard. It all transforms you in such a profound way. Take the time and the support you need to process this enormous life transition. And don’t be afraid to get professional help where and when you need it.

  5. Thank goodness for experts. We’ve worked with specialists from the US to Australia to South Africa for sleep, allergies and eczema. Sometimes you just can’t read ten books and become an expert on the topic. Hiring one will save you time, sanity, and money! (I cannot stress how much Dr. Aron helped us with eczema. After months of struggling to relieve our son’s suffering, he helped us, online, within a matter of days.)

  6. Black bean brownies are a miracle (and gluten-free). My son is allergic to eggs, nuts, and dairy, and this recipe gave me the chance to treat him while nourishing him.

  7. Our family recently discovered the Free Forest School of Edmonton. We love how our son explores nature in the company of other kids and are excited to attend more often.

  8. Sending buckets of gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude for the amazing women I’ve met on this adventure! Some of them have really gone above and beyond to help me keep going with Pros&Babes when my son was little and when I went back to work to my full-time job. A special shout-out to two #mombosses: Charlene, a P&B facilitator, and Johnna, a dementia specialist and also a tremendous P&B supporter.

Entrepreneurship and figuring out what works and what doesn’t often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. And like a crazy roller-coaster. Especially for a business like mine, that’s developing alongside two little wonderful human beings and other professional activities. 

Thank you, YEGBOSSBABES, for creating this community in which we can learn, grow, and support each other!