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Photo | Nicole Constante

Photo | Nicole Constante

Kinia is a mom, communications professional and community-builder. Hailing from Poland’s groovy capital, Warsaw, she grew up in Montreal and moved to Edmonton in 2014. Her education, passions and career have taken her to over forty countries and have included communication and development projects all over Europe, in Guatemala, the former Yugoslavia, Turkey, Zambia, and Azerbaijan; award-winning investigative journalism; online magazine creation; conference and event planning; and most recently, corporate communications in the public sector. Integrating career and motherhood is a daily balancing act — and Kinia is far from perfect at it! While navigating her own challenges, she loves offering more options to working parents during one of the most important transitions in their lives. Moms with careers missed "intellectual conversation" on mat leave - and that's why she founded Pros&Babes.

Kinia Romanowska | Career Development

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