Hello Boss Babes!

I’m Nicole! Owner of NV Esthetics.

I specialize in manicures and pedicures and would like to take a minute and discuss hand and foot care/maintenance with you.

Our winters are long and not so nice to our hands and feet often leaving them ignored.

So here’s some TIPS!

Most important is to schedule regular manicure and pedicure appointments every 4-8 weeks. Adding a warm paraffin treatment will help improve circulation and sooth aching joints as essential oils will help to soften and hydrate rough dry skin.




MAI MAKEUP answers all of our questions and more when it comes to taking care of your skin in the Winter time. I don’t know about you, but I am really starting to feel the Winter dryness setting in to my skin (especially on my face) and can get so confused with all of the products that are out there. Like – what to use, when to use, when not to use, etc. We learned so much from TC and we wanted to share with you all of her wisdom for us YEGBOSSBABES:

1. What is your go to facial moisturizer?


Face moisturizers are a must year round whether you have dry, oily or combination skin. Since its winter and dry skin is common it doesn’t mean you need a oil based moisturizer. Oil based can sometimes break you out, and change your makeup routine.

Our FAVOURITE face moisturizer is the Kate Somerville oil free moisturizer. Great for troubled skin but at the same time hydrating throughout the day (perfect before makeup applications too).


2. We are busy women who need a quick and effective face routine with products that really do the trick. What can you recommend for us YEGBOSSABES?


Busy Boss Babes out there don’t worry about a 10 step skincare routine for perfect skin that social media always shows us. You shouldn’t be doing that much to your poor skin anyway! In the morning, you should gently wash and tone your face to reset your PH in your skin. Make sure to moisturize, and if you wear heavy makeup everyday try giving your skin a day or two to breathe. We are in love with all the Khiel’s toners! Check them out in store to find your personalized toner that works for you!


3. Do you recommend face masks? How many times per week should we be using a face mask?

FACE MASKS! They pack your skin with nutrients it needs and changes your complexion. You don’t need to do more than one a week, and if you’re busy even once every two weeks work. Using face masks too often doesn’t actually help you more. Remember less is more sometimes Try different routines for masks. If you’re finding your skin breaking out do a clay based mask so it sucks all the toxins out. Then the following mask should be a gel based mask to put nutrients back in! If your skin is fine then gel (Normal Face mask you get in packages), or paste (ex. Essentials by Nature a local company) face masks work perfectly.


4. What’s your thoughts on night creams/masks? Do you have a favourite?


Where do I start?? Night masks are a must and holy grail.  If you haven’t started, please do because this won’t only change your complexion, it will change how soft your skin is, and ensure your skin is already hydrated for 24hr. With night masks, they are quite heavy so they cannot be worn all night along with a daytime moisturizer. This can cause break outs and irritated skin. Night masks replenishes the skin with moisture which means it’s also anti-aging because it fights wrinkles! Our MAI Makeup favorite is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask from Sephora. It’s not pure oil and as heavy as most, but it is just as effective. It leaves you feeling fresh when you sleep and when you wake up.


5. Any last tips for you to leave us with for better skin in the Winter?


Exfoliating is key for skin to reset and have a clean slate to work with. We recommend a light gel exfoliator (from The Face Shop). Its gentle yet affective. When your skin has too many layers of dead skin it can’t breathe or try to stop breakouts.

Last but not least ladies don’t just hydrate your skin, hydrate your body. Break outs, complexion, and healthy skin can be helped with drinking water. Its cold out and how can we say no to a good cup of coffee. That actually makes you dehydrated. So balance it out with water!

Have any questions you want answered by TC at Mai Makeup? Please comment below!

Written by: TC, MAI MAKEUP

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