Hey YEG Boss Babes!!

I’m Kendra of Kendra Allen Design + Photography. I have a branding firm that specializes in helping small businesses look great online. I do brand design, brand photography, as well as consulting, content creation, and social media management. I am currently working towards launching more consulting services and workshops this year specifically for women who need clarity on their brand image.

After the birth of my first daughter, I found my passion in helping small local businesses and entrepreneurs after my time making hand printed baby apparel and selling at local markets. I was freelance designing on the side, but this was when I found my niche and dream clientele!

Being a mother is a whole circus act of it’s own. Having my first daughter right out of college, my drive to hone my craft of graphic design and photography pushed me into entrepreneurship.

You could say I gave up a traditional career at just 19 years old when I took my first gig as a self employed brand designer. I had been freelancing for the past three years while in school, and now, as a new mom, it was a perfect fit. My partner had a steady job which allowed me to stay home with my daughter. But this wasn’t without a whole lot of mixed emotions.

While in the depths of post-partum depression,  I knew I needed a steady flow of creativity back in my life. Enter, House of Posie Design and Apparel. It was 2014, and this was before walmart, superstore, and all the rest started carrying cool kids clothes. Believe it or not, I couldn’t find anything I loved in stores. Target, sometimes, but then it went out of business here in Canada. I felt an indescribable need to start up my own clothing business. I had this crazy idea of doing things as handmade as possible.

After having been working on a computer almost exclusively while I learned Graphic Design, I needed to get my hands dirty again. Back in high school I had learned the art of lino cutting, also known as block printing. This allows oneself to print things by hand without the annoyance of burning screens with chemicals in the dark like screen printing. My favourite part about lino cutting was the unique look of an illustration carved into a block. To me, there was nothing more beautiful. Fast forward a year and a bit and I was expecting my second child. Another hard pregnancy called for me to slow down with the hand printing. While I adored the local handmade community that I discovered on Instagram and in local markets, my passion project quickly became too hard to maintain. And I knew that with two littles, I would never catch up. Next came a diagnosis of hypothyroidism when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I had to listen to my body and pull things back a bit. But, I couldn’t stop creating. I learned that already.

Around this time I decided it was time to finally take my Graphic Design and Photography a bit more seriously and at least make an instagram account to showcase my work. After my two year old would fall asleep, and my ‘morning sickness’ would subside, I stayed up late laying in bed working away on my laptop. My body would rest, but I was still fulfilling my need to create. With my clothing business for babies and toddlers, I realized how much I LOVED helping handmade businesses with their businesses.


I joined the local chapter of Tuesday Together by The Rising Tides Society, and became fascinated with creative entrepreneurship. I was enthralled with all of the people I had met both online and in the community. And I knew I wanted to help these people grow their businesses.

I started photographing friends and making logos for local brands and was finally putting my long-time love of brand design to work! I had been doing the odd job of logo design over the past couple years, but I decided to take it a bit more seriously and go after the work I wanted.

Now, I am in my 6th year as an entrepreneur, and my 4th year as a mother; with my second daughter being born just a year ago. After 6 years, I may have finally come to terms with who I truly am. An entrepreneur by blood. I am still figuring everything out as I go, but I can feel that this is the year for me to finally align my goals for my business with reality! Being a mother and working from home (although by choice), isn’t easy. And I commend all who do it! I treasure this time I have had to figure out who I am as a person and raise my babies. Now, on a new path as a single mother, the #momboss game has shifted a bit.

Instead of juggling a million balls at once, I am now able to take my time with my children and dedicate it fully to them. And then once they are with their dad, I can focus on my work. It makes it so my work schedule is a bit all over the place, but it works for now! So what have I learned from all of this? Let me break it down for you.



1. One thing you can be sure of, you never know what the future will be like. So ride the wave, have big huge goals, but, be willing to adapt to the ever changing world. For example, social media has exploded since I was in school, so I have now added social media management and content creation to my expanding list of services! Being adaptable and keeping up with the trends is what will allow you to make this all work.

2. If you have a kid like my three year old, you won’t get any work done until they are in bed. Most times I pass out at the same time as them, so ya, its an every day struggle! She is currently sitting on my lap drinking a yogurt drink and my one year old is standing up in her high chair. Don’t worry, multi tasking quickly becomes a mom bosses best skill.

3. Indoor playgrounds and kid cafes are amazing for meetings with fellow mom bosses. Edmonton is totally rocking it lately with kid friendly cafe’s! They are popping up every where. And I am talking super chic adorable places with little play areas in the corner. Awesome instagram stories of fancy AF lattes, here I come.

4. Non work related, but if you are a mom-to-be, expect to have to sacrifice your cute styled coffee table and anything under, like, 3 feet for years to come. Thrifted and pre worn items make the vandalism of children slightly less noticeable and also less heart breaking when you haven’t spent a ton of money on it. Is shabby chic still cool??

5. The soundtrack to my life is baby bum youtube nursery rhymes. Now that I don’t have my kids half the time, I am trying to bring music back into my life that is actually made for people above the age of four. I am looking for playlist recommendations and suggestions on your fave vinyl records!!

6. Something I tell people all the time is, rarely take me seriously. If these random thoughts make me sound bitter, I am absolutely not. I like to find humour in life and I suggest you should too! Getting out of your head and just laughing about the ridiculousness of life seriously helps.

7. Mom brain is real… and there should be a support group for that.

8. I may forget a pen for our meeting… but I’ll always have diapers on hand.

9. Accept the ebbs and flows of work flow, and of your own wellness. I have personally struggled with a lot of health issues and drastic life changes likely, and it is ok to slow down. Slowing down is good.

10. Enjoy the little things. My favourite part about being a mother is being able to live vicariously through my children’s eyes. The taste of a bubble gum lollipop and the way the rain smells. One of my goals for 2018 is to embrace my inner child. We are all just pretending to be adults anyway, so why not let go of it all once in a while and just act like kids again. There’s nothing better. I would like to finish this final point off with one of my favourite quotes: “the creative adult is the child who survived.”


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Hello everyone! My name is Lindsay Kelloway & I am the creator of Haiku Lane. Everyone always asks me how I started Haiku Lane and I have two stories. I’m not sure which is the crediting explanation or whether the two intermix unbiasedly next to each other.

The first story- My grandparents have a home in Maui and so I always felt that it was my home away from home. I have always felt like my heart belonged by the ocean and thus I felt inspiration everywhere! Most of my first creations started with seashells & sea glass. The Name “Haiku” arose from a place in maui called “Haiku Mill”- an old sugar mill from the 1800’s. Look it up! I dare you.

The second story- and perhaps less romantic than the first but equally important started when I was young. My aunt had always been in craft shows and my mom and I would come to her house and help her prepare. My mom, never wanting to commit to craft shows herself, was equally crafty if not more so and loved to help out! I always told my mom- “I’m going to have my own booth one day”. I’m the type that once I’m committed, I’m committed! So here I am 7 years into Haiku Lane doing what I love!


My Random Thoughts from a #MomBoss

1-You may be wondering why I use “vintage” pieces in my work. The truth is I have always been an “Old Soul” and perhaps this stemmed from when I was a child and would go to old car shows and antique shops with my dad and grandpa. Perhaps it was a way to connect & bond with them because I didn’t feel like I had anything in common with the two…. Either way its become a true interest and I truly love the mystery of an old skeleton key, for example.

2-Now that I am reminiscing of the past…I used to have a major crush on Elvis Presley & John Travolta (in the “Grease” days).

3-My child is on the move 24/7 and we call her a mini tornado. I feel guilty for wishing that she would just sit down and watch “Paw Patrol” so I can sit & relax. But on the other hand I am so happy that she is not glued to the tv.

4- If your child is quiet- yes it is too good to be true! They are likely playing in the dogs water dish or better yet the toilet…. Or maybe they have shredded all of the toilet paper off of the roll!


5- In an effort to become more “plant based” I have found some awesome recipes & these are my serious “Go -Tos” that are absolutely delicious ! RECIPES HERE

6- I look at my child with chapped red cheeks from teething, a snotty nose that she won’t let me clean, food in her hair with the biggest teethy grin and my husband asks me “Do all parents love their child this much?”. It makes my heart ache that there are children out there who don’t have caregivers that truly love them…. and I think about this all too much! While our children can drive us to insanity at moments, there is no love greater!


7- How much cactus and macrame in a house is two much? I may have a problem.

Lindsay Kelloway

Social Media
Instagram- @haiku.lane.handmade



Hi My name is Ashley. I have been an entrepreneur for 12 years and a mom boss for 9. My leap into entrepreneurship came from my creative spirit. I was always making things, crafting, being creative as a kid, I think you learn really young what you are good at, it just takes you a while to figure it out. My current company Chatty Girl Media was named because I have always been known as the chatty girl, it was the number 1 complaint my teachers had about me, she never shuts up! It’s perfect for the industry i’m in because my job is all about making connections and it’s something I am really good at! I have been married for 16 years to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 kids a cat and a dog which you will often see on my instagram feed! I love to travel, the getaway from my hectic life, I also love to shop and spend time with friends and family.

1. Find what you are good at without trying. It’s the secret to success for me. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 12 years and both of my jobs have been based completely on creativity and that is what I am really good at. So many people struggle to find what they are good at, maybe you are trying to hard to figure that out?


Here are some random thoughts from Katie Belland |Hair Stylist |Entrepreneur| BellandWhistleHair


1. When does sleep start? “I say more dumb things before 9 a.m than most people say all day” – Chandler Bing. I relate to this too much.

2. The struggle has been REAL trying to balance being a parent, work, and trying to look like a damn Instagram fitness chick (an exaggeration of course). I avoid my mom guilt by trying to include my son in my workouts. I’m always on the hunt for Kid-Friendly fitness classes. So far these 2 have changed my life! He runs around like a crazy person, and I can sweat my A$$ off!

3.“You’re a hairstylist, your kiddo MUST have the best hair!”.. No.


4. Remember that movie The Other Woman and Leslie Mann talks about wanting to go to “Brain Camp”? Is that a real thing? Where can I sign up? I have way too much knowledge on The Ninja Turtles and Paw Patrol.. I need a refresh.

5. Preschool is very convenient for things like grocery shopping, car naps, catching up on social media, writing lesson plans for Beauty Workshop YEG classes and even writing blog posts!

6. I just wanted to leave you #bossbabes with this. Finding balance can be difficult. The second half of 2017 I focused on fine tuning our routine. Not everyday runs smoothly but making sure I put aside a little bit of time each day (even if it’s just having silence for 10 minutes in the morning or evening) I feel HUMAN.

2017-12-19 03.16.30 2.jpg