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Sip & Support: Slaying as an Introvert

Let's face it. Being an introvert is not always easy especially when you want to thrive in your business. But it's not impossible.

Introversion and extroversion are simply signature traits to define how a person prefers to spend their time. Introverts prefer more of a quiet setting where extroverts prefer a more energetic environment. Neither is better than the other, but as an introvert myself, entrepreneurship can be challenging. 

The key is understanding and appreciating what it means to be an introvert in an extrovert-leaning world.

Don't forget to come early to order a specialty latte or coffee so you don't miss a beat! Snacks will be provided.


What is a Sip & Support?

A Sip & Support is an event with an intentionally small group of women that come together and share their interests with one another regarding the topic above. A member of our YEG BOSS BABES Team, who developed this topic to explore specifically for this event, leads the group with discussion topics and takes in feedback which we use to help plan future workshops / collaborations to grow relatable skills touched on during the sip & support. 

Sip & Supports are a great way to meet like minded women, attend an event that is intentionally small in size (if larger networking events are not your thing), and to get to know our community in a more intimate setting. Not to mention, leaving inspired and supported by the YBB Community ready to take on your goals.

*You do not require to be a YBB Member or own your own business to attend this event.