TIPSY TUESDAY | 5 Must-Have Apps That Will Amp Up Your Social Media Game

Written by: Paige Simpson 

As a business owner, creating content for social media platforms can be difficult, especially if you aren’t equipped with skills in graphic design, photography, or videography. That’s why I created this list of 5 foolproof and free-to-use apps that will help you boss babes create and organize engaging content for all of your social media accounts:


1. Spark Post

This app, created by Adobe, allows you to create stunning graphics and videos that can be used for your social media platforms. The app includesprofessionally designed templates for any social media platform.I personally use this app to create animated video graphics for my Instagram stories as well as engaging animated content for the social media profiles of my clients.

2. Pexels

If you are searching for free and beautiful stock photos to add some pizzazz to your social feed, you need Pexels in your life. Pexels provides thousands of HD, top-quality, stock photos and videos on its platform. Another plus, all of the photos and videos on the platform are easy to find and search for by simple keyword association.

3. Canva

If you haven’t heard of Canva yet, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. This easy to use design app allows you to create stunning graphics in no time! Whether you are creating a new social media post, logo, infographic, web advertisement, printable coupon, newsletter, menu, etc…this app has every boss babe covered.


Need help planning your Instagram feed? Look no further than UNUM. If there’s one thing a boss babe needs, it’s more time in the day. This app helps save time by letting you plan your Instagram posts ahead of time on their app. UNUM’s open grid format allows you to visualize exactly how your Instagram grid will look before you post. This tool is a necessity for every boss babe looking to create a flawless Instagram feed!


Want a quick and easy way to edit your photos before posting them on social media? VSCO is the app for you! If I don’t have time to edit my photos using Adobe Lightroom, an easy, time-saving alternative is VSCO. I usually use VSCO to adjust things like the cropping of the photo, exposure, highlights, shadows, sharpness, etc. The app also includes tons of moody filters to add to your photos if you’re into that!

Creating engaging social media content for your business or personal brand starts with finding, utilizing, and leveraging the right resources and programs. All of the social media apps mentioned above are free and easy-to-use resources that you can utilize to help you achieve your social media goals.

As a business owner, treat your social media profiles as if they were your babies. If you had the choice, you would feed your baby only the best, most organic, nutrient-packed foods, right? The same thing applies to your social media feeds. Only showcase your best, most organized, idea-packed content. This is the content that will resonate with your audience and promote engagement.

Until next time,

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