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Soulful Sundays Presents: Navigating Mindfulness & Meditation in a BOSSBABE Worklife

  • The Creative HIve 16819 111 Avenue Northwest Edmonton T5M 2S4 Canada (map)
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*Meditation class led by Mandy Trapp (12:00PM-12:45PM) - Additional $18 ticket can be purchased by contacting YEG BOSS BABES at with Subject Line: MANDY TRAPP MEDITATION CLASS 

Join Mandy Trapp, Co-Founder and Lead Educator at Lifestyle Meditation, Kim Knull, Registered Psychologist & Founder of Momentum Walk-In Counselling, Laurie Kellough, Director of Marketing at ATB, and Shannon Droeske, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach and the Founder of The In-Purpose Brand for this intimate discussion.

Learn more about the practice of mindfulness and meditation and discover how to incorporate these practices into the busyness of our everyday lives. Our amazing panelists will take us through their own journeys of meditation and mindfulness and how these practices have impacted the triumphs and struggles they've faced in life.

Tickets are $25 and include a curated gift, Sunday morning mimosas, and breakfast snacks.

Mandy Trapp will also be leading a 45 minute meditation following the speaker series for anyone who would like to join. The cost of this is $18 to attend and will take place from 12:00PM-12:45PM. Additional $18 ticket can be purchased by contacting YEG BOSS BABES at with Subject Line: MANDY TRAPP MEDITATION CLASS 

Mandy Trapp

Mandy Trapp is the Founder and Lead Educator at Lifestyle Meditation and for the past 20 years she has educated others on the importance of developing strong physical, mental and emotional resiliency.

2.5 years ago she opened Canada’s first mainstream meditation studio which has become an important home away from home where others learn through classes, workshops and trainings, how to stress less and smile more.

Kimberly Knull

Kimberly Knull is a registered psychologist and the founder of Momentum Walk-In Counselling.   Her mission is to de-stigmatize mental health and make sure that everyone who wants therapy receives access to it. This was her vision for co-founding Momentum Walk-In Counselling. Kim is also the proud mother of two girls and owner of 3 horses.

Shannon Droeske

Shannon Droeske is the founder of the In Purpose Brand. Combining over 12 years of experience in marketing, with her experience as a meditation teacher and mindfulness coach, she holds space for her clients to intuitively define their story, articulate the appropriate message and position their brand in a way that connects with their audience.

Laurie Kellough

Laurie’s beginnings in the corporate world did not necessarily start with glitz and glamour. It was quite the opposite – as a lovable furry mascot. Laurie, to this day, believes that just like all great entrepreneurs started with a paper route, all great marketers start as mascots. From thereon, Laurie’s career route has included everything from an event planner, to her tour of duty in Canada’s top creative advertising agency, to now the Director of Marketing for ATB’s business customers.  Laurie is on a mission to bring meditation and a holistic thinking to the corporate space, as she believes it overdue and needed.

About YEG Boss Babes

The mission of YEG Boss Babes is to meet, share insight, learn from each other and beside each other while growing as individuals & business owners. When women genuinely support each other, it is amazing what can happen. By creating an opportunity to meet like minded female entrepreneurs YEG Boss Babes is able to empower one another and grow together.

About The Wellness Warrior

We’re not just coaches, and this is not just a company focused on self-care. We’re a wellness tribe built on the foundation of perfectly-imperfect people that share their perfect imperfections with the world. We put vulnerability above all else to connect deeper with our community and get in the ring alongside our fellow warriors to achieve their goals. Whether it’s through our workshops, speaker series, coaching sessions, or wellness challenges – the goal of The Wellness Warrior is always to create a safe space for women to feel less alone in their struggles, and more importantly, empowered to follow their dreams. We hope you leave with the confidence of knowing that you are enough and you can take on anything. You’ve got this, warrior.

About Momentum-Walk In Counselling

Momentum Walk-in Counselling is a non-profit mental health triage centre, offering specialized drop-in counselling services for the Edmonton area. Staffed by volunteer registered mental health professionals, Momentum looks to uplift those in the community without the means to access the traditional health care system. Through our trained counsellors, Momentum provides immediate support, guidance and resources to the individuals and groups who need them most.